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Wargaming Game Center

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Hello everyone,

The Wargaming Game Center is almost ready to be released. The released date it’s unknown yet, but some sources say it will be soon with the release of Master of Orion.

With the Wargaming Game Center players will have all Wargaming games in one central program, just like Blizzard Battle Net.

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15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming Game Center

  1. WoT Generals neither included nor mentioned? I know its development has beed stopped, but the game is still there. Makes me worry about Warplanes.

    I wish WG would unify the accounts for WoT/Wp/Ws and Generals, sharing gold and premium time. But such useful things seem to be outside of WG’s range of perception, reasoning or mental capability.

  2. WOT Generals is a browser game, is it not? At least I never had a launcher for it 🙂 Also they announced that everything related to it would be stopped but the game would be available for the players who still play it.

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