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Wargaming Fest – Quick Update

2 min read

Hello everyone,

Today was a very long day… Its 4AM local time and I’m not sleepy, so I’ve decided to put a couple of posts to keep you guys and girls updated. Now that is done, I’ve just wanted to give a quick update about my trip to Moscow.

I won’t go into much details, I’ll save that for a latter post, but I’ve literality spend all day travelling just to get here and it was a very interesting day with a few rather funny moments. Aside from that, I had time to meet quite a lot of the Community Contributors, Wargaming Staff and had a couple of drinks with some of them. Until now, all is good.

A heads up about tomorrow: it’s going to be a very busy day. We are all going to Kubinka Tank Museum, plus a few other places around Moscow, so I won’t be posting anything. Well, at least during the day. If I got a bit of time, I’ll make a couple of posts later like I did today.

Enjoy your Friday, I certainly will.

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