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Wargaming Fest – Quick Update #3

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Hello everyone,

Today was the big day and what a day it was. As I was imagining, it was a day full of surprises and loads of fun. I also had the opportunity to sit down with loads of people I wanted to meet for a long time and have a talk with them

Because I’m pressed for time, I really should be sleeping now because I got to get up early tomorrow, I’ll just have to tell you that there is only one word to describe WG Fest 2016: ginormous.

That said, I had a great time talking with Meathead Militia, Thaine Lyman, Artur Plociennik and all the Community Contributors there with me, specially the World famous, OneAndOnly016 that brings us the World of LoLs videos. Yes, I know who he is, but I won’t be telling you so he will remain anonymous.

And it was cool to see so close and meet a Hollywood star like Dolph Lundgren, it’s amazing to see Action Heroes from the 90´s films involved with these kind of events.

I’ll be sharing more about the event it self later, but for now that’s my small resume of the day. Before I finish, I just wanted to thank all Community Contributors that were at WG Fest with me, you guys made me fell really welcomed into the community, OneAndOnly016 don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone who you are if you keep sending me those cookies you promised.

Also, a big thanks to the WG EU Team for inviting me to WG Fest, taking us to Kubinka and all the amazing time we spend together during these three days. A very special thanks to Zoltan ‘Ph3lan’ Sipos, you know why I don’t need to remind you (Zoltan *clap* Zoltan *clap*) and to Talya ‘tagl1a’ Icel for being so small but with an enormous heart.

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