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Wargaming Fest – German Tech Tree Changes

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Hello everyone,

As you are all aware, Wargaming announced some changes to the German Tech Tree on Wargaming Fest. I wanted to write an article about this since I’ve came back from Moscow, but unfortunately I didn’t have time.

Now I actually was rushed to do it because there are other blogs and videos telling players that the Dicker Max and E 25, both Premium Tank Destroyers, are going to be Normal Tanks and available on the German Tech Tree.

This is not true. The information is false and there seems to be some confusion around it.

Dicker Max and E 25 on German Tech Tree?

Now you are going to ask: “But how do you know the information is wrong?”. Easy, I was at Wargaming Fest and I actually talked with Thaine Lyman about it. Yes, you weren’t the first ones to notice those two tanks in the tech tree. But here’s another way of telling the information is wrong, look at the picture of the supposed tech tree. Notice that Pz. T25 before the Dicker Max? That’s another Premium Tank, why would Wargaming change  three Premium Tanks to normal ones and put them on the tech tree?


Another point that during the presentation was the fact the new Tier IX Heavy Tank name was not spelled correctly, to what Thaine Lyman replied “It’s for easier phonetics, we know is not spelled correctly and we know some of these vehicles are not in the normal tree.”

So the answer to your question “Is Dicker Max and E 25 going to be introduced as normal tanks?” is very straight forward: NO!

Don’t forget that Wargaming just sold the E 25 during the Advent Calendar, why would Wargaming decide now to make it a normal tank, that comes out of the Pz T25? These vehicles were put there just to “fill up the animation we build for this presentation, we have no intentions of introducing these vehicles as normal ones” –  Thaine Lyman.

New German Heavy Branch


Wargaming has been working on this for quite a while now. The original idea was the bring a different mini branch that would led to the MAUS. But the current branch has two vehicles that are very different from the MAUS, the VK 45.02 A and the VK 45.02 B.

Because of this difference Wargaming decided to introduce the VK 72.01 as a brand new Tier X on the German Tech Tree.

Of course when they did this announcement my main concern was: What about the players who won the VK 72.01 K on Clan Wars? Not much details were given about what is going to happen during the Developers Panel, just that players like me who have a VK 72.01 (K) would get special camouflages to stand out and show off they have earned the vehicle.

Later, Thaine Lyman told me that players would receive one or two special camouflages, but they would also keep their Reward Tank. This means any player who won the VK 72.01 (K) during any event, they will keep it as a Reward Tank with all it’s perks. Also players will receive equipment and the opportunity to grind the VK 72.01, meaning they will end up with two Tier X vehicles in their garage if they want.

We’ll create a very similar tank and make it Tier X on their branch. If you earned the VK 72.01(K) on Global Map, it will remain a Premium vehicle in your Garage. It will also receive a unique camo and equipment loadout.

As per usual, these thing can change, meaning Wargaming could decide something else in the future before they make these changes. My opinion, which I shared with Thaine, is that players who won it should also be allowed to get another Tier X Reward Vehicle, having a couple of special camouflages and a normal VK 72.01 in their garage would be unfair for players who had to spend an enormous amount of time to get it.

What do you guys think? Leave your opinion on the comments section.

*This article was based on the conversation I had with Thaine Lyman.

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  1. What the hell will happen to people (like me) grinding the Awful VK 45 02A? I just have the tank to get the Maus! I will need to grind Tiger P again to return to maus line?

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