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Wargaming Fest 2016 – Details and a Surprise

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First of all, some of you must be asking: “What is Wargaming Fest?”

Wargaming announced back in June 2016, on the Russian World of Tanks page, the first ever Wargaming Fest. A gaming event similar to BlizzCon, they hope it to be of epic proportions.

The difference is Wargaming wants this to be a family friendly festival and not just for gamers. Three big Russian music bands will be playing and the event will be held at the exhibition complex “Expocentre” in Moscow, on the 17 December 2016. Wargaming is selling tickets in the Russian Premium Store and prices go from $17,00 for an Adult Standard Ticket to $63.00 for a VIP Ticket. Each ticket will give the player loads of extras, including a Logo and Medal from WG Fest 2016.

It will be the first time all Wargaming games will be under the same roof, meaning tiles like Master of Orion and the recently announced Total War: Arena will be there. There will be also live panels with developers, presentation of new projects, latest news about other projects and promises of something that will surprise everyone.

Now something you might not be expecting, because I certainly wasn’t…

For my surprise, I was recently contacted by Wargaming Europe and I was officially invited to Moscow to attend the event. This means I will be joining other EU Community Contributors, like the Mighty Jingles, and will be going to Moscow from 15th to 18th of December as a Wargaming guest.

Of course I said yes! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Moscow and attend the event. This was also the reason I had to go back to Portugal two weeks ago, because I didn’t have a passport and unfortunately had to go back to take care of it… Long story short: I got it now and I am going to Moscow.

But I can’t forget to say thank you to who made all of this possible: You, the reader.

I’ve started playing World of Tanks back in September 2010, way back in the Closed Beta. I’ve always been in the player seat, never got much involved with Wargaming. I’ve seen their first appearance at Tankfest 2011, back in the day Wargaming was a company that only had white t-shirts with World of Tanks logo on it and a few cards with codes for Gold and low Tier Premium Tanks.

I remember being there and talking with Victor Kislyi and other very know people, without know who they were. Been there all the following years and always thinking that I would love to be part of the Community and this was the reason why I’ve decided to start the blog back in July, to be part of the Community. And it’s because of all of you that I am now able to be part of the Community. So, to all of you: Thank you.

And last but not least, because there will be live panels with developers, I thought I would ask all of you if you got any questions regarding any Wargaming title that you would like me to ask, if the opportunity arises. Leave your questions in the comment section, or just send me a quick email if you got a big list of questions.

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  1. Congrats man!

    Hope you won’t get corrupted and bring on their table the bad state of WG EU, with their horrible releases and relationship with playerbase.. Everything started getting worse, when other regions got the FV4202 for free while we had a time limited grind to do. Since then, they seem to not listen anything or caring. I dunno if will run again on 3rd yearly premium account.

  2. Btw you deserve all those readers cause you edit your posts and you care to be readable and not just copy pastes.. Keep the good work!

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