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Wargaming EU Server Issues – All Games Affected

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Hello everyone,

Seems today’s micro patch to fix the Server didn’t work out for Wargaming EU, and now all games are affected by even further issues.

I’ve been send a photo that shows the server fix:

Wargaming EU Server Fixed

Jokes aside, if you are experiencing any issues, Wargaming is already working on fixing the fix to fix the issue.

15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming EU Server Issues – All Games Affected

  1. As a professional, this **** is embar***ing.

  2. I can understand them having problems… I had a major server meltdown 3 weeks ago at the company I work for… Took us a week to recover.

  3. Well, you could say I have some “Server issues” – paying gold to have my crew retrained to 100%, only to have the revert to the original stats less then 24 hr later… and the gold – stayed with WG of course…
    Response from support for my ticket? not yet…
    So… Yeah…

  4. Take it easy. You’re not the center of the world and if what you’re saying is true than they’re being inundated by hundreds of tickets. Be patient and they’ll sort your crap out eventually.

  5. Uh…
    A) I wasn’t thinking I was the center of the world… just noted my “issues” (I AM a little annoyed about it, so…)
    B) I am sure they reach my ticket eventually – thing is, I think I remember discussions from way back on similar problems, where WG did not reimburse people the gold they lost in similar instances, so I am just a little worried…

  6. happened to me too, 800 gold and 11000 free exp gone

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