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Wargaming Black Friday

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Hello everyone,

Seems no one at Wargaming knows what “Black Friday Sale” is at all. I’ve checked across all servers and nothing else than the T34 B and a few more rare tanks on sale.

When I say on sale I meant the Wargaming way of on sale: An overpriced bundle that costs an arm and a leg.

Yes, because all we are getting is a black version of the T34 that costs between $70/€60 and on the NA Server a few rare tanks with a “On Sale” tag on them, but that cost a fortune because they have bundled them with tons of other stuff that comes for free in exchange of your money.

This is the most ridiculous Black Friday Event I have seen in my life. There isn’t a single normal Premium Tank/Premium Time pack on sale, where the player could save some money. Yes Wargaming, save some money! That’s what Black Friday Sales are about, offer your products with a nice discount for just one day and players will be happy and buy loads of stuff!

No one sees a normal shop doing a Black Friday Sale, where a TV that costs $299/£239 is now on sale with a Remote Control and a beautiful black wood chair for you to sit for only $349/£299… No, you see the same TV with a 30% discount, a real discount and that’s what people go crazy about: the opportunity of saving money.

I’m a hardcore collector, till a couple of months ago I couldn’t resist the temptation of buying all the Premium Tanks, because I just needed to have them all. But in the last few months anything that comes out is a joke… Either decent premium tanks with horrible skins that we can’t remove, or over priced bundles with loads of crap and a black painted tank. I’ve stopped buying anything that comes out because the prices are ridiculous. Why can’t Wargaming give what the players want?

A real SALE! Real DISCOUNTS! Let us save some money!

We want normal tanks with big discounts for just one day! Stop the crap bundles , stop the “let’s paint it black because it’s Black Friday, put a few useless extras and ask 38% more!”

“Oh wait, but the T34 costs €43.29 and if you add the €22.86 worth of extras, the player is saving €6.15…” – said Wargaming. Yeah that is right, but we don’t want’ to save 10% from that, what we want is to save 35% over the normal price, not 10% or 15% because that’s what we normally get on a normal Weekend/Special Event.

I can only imagine how much players would buy if instead of this sh*t Black Friday Sale, we had Premium Tanks/Premium Time with 35% or more off their normal price! Is that too much to ask?

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  1. The usual from Wargaming HQ… When I saw the P.Mutz painted in Black that came our for the console version of the game, I got excited. I wanted to have that tank in my garage, because, I’m not a true collector, but I own a lot of Premium tanks and special tanks, and in my mind I NEED that tank in my shiny garage…

    Thank You Wargaming….

  2. yes, I think this is one of the most absurd Black Friday offers with over priced Black paintjob, offer has to be valued by players/customers and this one just doesn’t make the cut.

  3. Could not agree more. Always bundles, always.

    I have skipped the T26E5 for now, and also the AMX M4 49. Simply too many premiums introduced over a short time. And what they do now is making the new premiums OP, to sell more of them.

    And the T34 B, simply a reskin of an already existing premium tank. That is ourtrageous by Wargaming. I mean, if I (as an existing T34 owner) could buy the skin at normal camo cost I would not complain. But to buy the same tank over and over again at full price because of a reskin, u must be kidding.

  4. So, half off on a year of premium is not enough to be a good deal to you? if you dont know what I am talking about. Your “check” amongst all the servers must have been a real quick one…………

    And can we wait until tomorrow before we bring out the pitchforks and burn down WGEU. Since specials tend to start on a saturday……. And maybe not expect everything on a silver plate since thanksgiving is not really an european holiday…………………………………..

  5. I know that WoWS has half price on 1 year premium. But thats because of Thanks giving and it’s only for NA Server. I’m talking about the Black Friday event that available for all servers. Most probably we will get more stuff tomorrow (at least for the EU Server) but I bet that will be the same thing! Two other black tanks that cost an arm and a leg! And they will throw in a few discounts on low tier premiums so players won’t complain much…

  6. Its a good deal, if you play WoW. However, this article is highlighting that _overall_ WarGaming have failed to come up with a proper Black Friday promotion in the traditional sense across all platforms.

    What i’d expect is for WG to offer discounts off their existing lines, rather, they choose to use this as an opportunity to actually promote some new tanks (painted black *rolls eyes*) sold as bundles which in reality does not really provide any kind of “discount” unless of course you are in the market for some gold and reserves already. Even then, you are actually spending more than you originally intended. A bit like a supermarket offering a buy 3for2. Its a very basic technique for getting more cash upfront and that my friends is not what Black Friday is about.

    Anyway, the merchandising department seem to understand the concept of Black Friday and are offering cash money off some nice things in their shop:

    It’s weird that for a on physical goods you get a good old fashioned discount. But on digital goods, which, ultimately you do not own, you have to spend more of your money to _get_ the deal

    well done WarGaming lel

  7. Sorry, but writing “I’ve checked across all servers and nothing else than the T34 B and a few more rare tanks on sale.” , “There isn’t a single normal Premium Tank/Premium Time pack on sale, where the player could save some money.” and “A real SALE! Real DISCOUNTS! Let us save some money!”, knowing that there are better offers and then justifying writing this flamebait because it is not sorted under black friday is just bad behaviour.

    And srsly, an event designed to make money for stores (where do you think the “black” part comes from?) is doing just that.

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