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Vote for a Rare Premium Tank (EU)

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Do you feel the need to enlarge your tank collection? Maybe you don’ have a rare tank that was sold once before, or you just have some extra cash? Irony apart, World of Tanks EU is doing a vote that will allow players to pick one out of four rare tanks, making it available to buy this very weekend…

Starting today, votes will be cast and counted so that the players “Summer Dream Tank” is made available. You can select one of the following tanks:

wot_105-lefh18b2105 leFH18B2 the famous Tier V French artillery. This tank is a legend among players and it’s actually fun to play.

Last Price: 29.99€ Bundle: 105 leFH18B2 + Garage Slot + 30 Days Premium + 5,750 Gold

chrysler_k_gfChrysler K GF, the one tank that started FochGate. How could one tank create so many problems? Still, this will be your chance to get it if you vote for it.

Last Price: 34.15€ Bundle: Chrysler K GF + Garage Slot

e_25E 25, the one tank that is guaranteed to be on sale during Christmas Advent calendar. When it comes on sale, it can literally break the matchmaker.

Last Price: 49.99€ Bundle: E 25 + Garage Slot + 7,650 Gold + 10x Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP (1 hour) + x5 XP for the first 15 wins in the E 25

collector_type_62Type 62, maybe the only one that isn’t broken and never created issues! A well worth tank to have in your garage if you like light tanks.

Last Price: 39.99€ Bundle: Type 62 + 6,150 Gold + Garage Slot


While I can understand why Wargaming decided to create a sale like this, I fear players won’t be able to get a bargain out of it. Everyone should expect the usual bundles with the tank and extra unnecessary goods and not being able to buy the tank on its own… If by some miracle the tank is available, the price expected should be quite high. What are your thoughts on this matter?

*Article updated with last price and bundle for each tank.

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15,466 thoughts on “Vote for a Rare Premium Tank (EU)

  1. It’s disappointing they keep selling broken tanks when lower tiers are already suffering.

  2. Indeed, but than again, WG gives 2 mokeys about the state of mm, especially mid/high tier LUL

  3. “While I can understand why Wargaming decided to create a sale like this, I fear players won’t be able to get a bargain out of it.”

    Holy f*ck Harkonnen how can you even use the word -understandable- in this context? Are you so out of touch that the only thing you criticize is the bargain?! The lefH is the most cancerous tank in this game. A premium arty to ruin the experience of new players in the most horrible fashion.

  4. leFH is winning by over 1000 votes ahead of the E 25…

    As if we need more of the most annoying artillery in the game, in the game.

  5. Yes, from a company side I can understand their thought on doing an event like this… Of course, I know three of them are “questionable”, but saying the leFH18B2 is the most broken tank in the game, no, I don’t agree. I think there are others who are far more broken. I wouldn’t see many complaining with these vehicles being sold if players would actually get a bargain price… I already have all of them, so I don’t plan to get any, but for players who don’t have them but want, it’s the opportunity to get one. Is it OK to sell these tanks again? No, not really, but WG is a company that has to make profit and players are free to spend money if they want. 🙂

  6. Why cant we get this on the NA Server?! I want my LeFH!!!!!!!

  7. WG is really starting to milk the community. I have almost all the premiums in the game but i have stoped buying because of the 3/5/7 template and hob broken the MM has become.
    Infact i have not played since a day after frontline had ended. Going back to random killed the game for me.

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