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Valkyria Chronicles Tanks: PC & Consoles

World of Tanks Producers talk about Valkyria Chronicle Tanks.

Today World of Tanks Asia published a video where Producers, from Asia Region, talk about the Valkyria Chronicles tanks.

Please do note, these tanks are exclusive for Asia Region, in concerns of World of Tanks PC. But they also revealed World of Tanks Console will receive both vehicles. Players will be able to buy them from the Premium Shop and with each tank, players will receive a unique crew, with new voices from the actors of Valkyria Chronicles. World of Tanks Blitz producer also officially announced the game will receive Lupus.

Exciting news for Console and Blitz players, but what about PC Players? I can’t say I’m thrilled to see the tanks added to the game, neither I want them to be released to different regions. I’m OK with fantasy tanks based on real designs or changed to fit the game in a realistic way, but going as far as adding Anime Fantasy Tanks is going the extra mile to far to me.

It’s true there would be a market for them, some players especially from the North American Server would buy them, but they don’t truly fit the game.

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  1. if they add a feature like in WoWs, where i am not forced to have carnival ships into my gameplay i am ok with that. But i doubt they will come like the WoWs ones…

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