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Valkyria Chronicle Tanks: No Plans to be Released on EU & NA Region

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Wargaming EU & NA stand on Valkyria Chronicle Tanks.


ASIA Server has recently received two new Premium tanks: Nameless and Edelweiss, two tanks from Valkyria Chronicle. While Wargaming has mentioned before they are exclusive to ASIA Server, there has been several questions raised after Quickybaby stream with these two tanks in particular.

While there has been some players who expressed they wanted these tanks, feedback from the rest of the community generally has been negative in regards of Wargaming introducing fantasy tanks into World of Tanks.

In order to make things clear, MrConway has published the following in the official EU forum:

Just to clarify this for Quickybaby and all of you: We have no plans to release any of these tanks on the EU server.

This is of course something we considered, but judging by the feedback we have seen from the EU server, the majority of you don’t want to have these “fantasy tanks” available here.

Please do however remember that this is a game and that we have no aspirations to be a historical tank simulator.


I’m pleased to read this, mainly because I’m quite OK for Wargaming to release paper tanks, but I was never OK with Wargaming starting to introduce fantasy/cartoon/anime tanks. But what about Wargaming NA? Unfortunately I don’t have any confirmation on their stand yet, but if I get more information about it, I’ll definitely post about it.

Update #1 – 22:50

Quick update! NA is not getting Valkyria Chronicle tanks also. The information comes from The_Chieftain in the NA forum.

Any time I’ve asked about the VC tanks on NA, I’m happy to say, I’ve been told they are not in the pipeline.


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15,466 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicle Tanks: No Plans to be Released on EU & NA Region

  1. Party poopage complete, don’t forget to pat yourselves on the shoulders how you are better than anime fans – even though this proves otherwise 🙂

  2. Because duh, “Historical aspect”‘
    Although if we go with that, then we will end up with like … 50% of the tanks that we have (And 75% of them WILL be Russian for sure, just to have sth for ppl to whine about, because jfc idk how they cam make up so many tank concepts XD )

  3. Thank god it will not be available for EU. I don’t mind implementing it to any special mod though. And I believe anime fans can still be able to download skins of those tanks and satisfy their strange taste 😛

  4. I’m ok with “unhistorical” concepts that are based on real proposals. But cartoon tanks are a bit to far for my taste. They could have done some kind of special event with it and thats it…

  5. Who the hell said he is better than anime fan? Grow up dude, even if you are disappointed. The feedback result is all about the number of anime/VC fans vs those who don’t want of those fictionnal tanks.

    PS: I’m only happy not to see those because they are broken as f*ck. We don’t ned even more OP premiums than what we currently have.

  6. I wonder if the reaction of the community would be the same if they were to add a non-anime fantasy tank. Like the RA2 soviet Apocalypse Tank or something.

  7. I’m sure it would be the same. A fantasy tank… If WG creates “paper” tanks like the E-50M and T28 proto, it’s OK, at least for me, because they could have been “real” proposals. WT E100 on the other hand… I was a bit “wtf is this ****?” and they ended up removing from PC. Console still has it 😀

  8. ITT butthurt anime fan starts a p***ive agressive hate campaign because a few fantasy tanks aren’t going to be released in a game citing that anime fans are better than people who are anime haters while the original article have absolutely zero indication that the author is an anime hater.

  9. Of course it would be. Grow up and stop with this binary logic, it’s not that we don’t want these tanks in the game because we are anime haters but because these have nothing to do with the theme of the game.

  10. “We will never sell the M6A2E1 ever again.”

    WG a trustworthy and honest company.

    Release this on EU and I will hire a neurosurgeon deleting every thing about WG and WOT from my brain. There are already enough reasons to consider quitting this game.

  11. There are no plans for “fantasy tanks”? Uh every single Russian medium has fantasy stats……

  12. As someone said above I’m just glad we don’t have the op nameless added to the game. The Edelweiss looked like it could be fun though. Although at the price they’re selling them it’s basically pay2win.
    While I understand that some people don’t want weeb tanks in WoT I personally don’t care much. For me the game balance is most important.

  13. I am not an anime fan. But I feel that WG should release these tanks in all areas or none.

  14. Ummm… The theme of the game is “world of Tanks”. The Valkyria Chronicles units introduced are tanks. How do they “not fit the theme of the game”?

  15. Speaking as a player on the Asia server, there are a large number of players here who feel absolutely shafted by this…. historicity issues aside the nameless is so hilariously brokenly OP that it has even further broken tier 8-10 gameplay.

    I am actually disappointed that they aren’t coming to the other regions because while there is an absolute ****storm going on in the forums here, now they have said it isn’t coming to NA & EU literally no one will care that players on Asia are utterly screwed by this… WG have not responded at all about the balance issues it has further worsened despite constant requests for them to respond.

    Now as far as the rest of the world is concerned this is old news and basically Asia as always is treated with contempt.

  16. Because the theme of the game is quite a bit more than just tanks. The game description is quite clear on that and it doesn’t include cartoon tanks.

    If it did, I want my Baneblade!!

  17. @harkonnenpt below (can’t reply that deep) – even when anime stuff was limited to events (like WoWs ARP event, where you don’t have to see anything – and this concept could work great with GuP, it’s mostly skins, and maybe it might work with Valkyrie as well, since the tanks are similar to VK100.01 or Tiger, what you pick), lots of players went completely bonkers about it. I now see EU players mostly as a bigots because of this – even if they don’t see it, they want it “out of their game” for no good reason and will bother you (and insult you, I’ve seen tons of unprovoked insults in anime skin threads!) ad nauseam.

  18. It’s a shame the VC tanks were rejected; but I’m hoping WG continues to add more of them to the Asia server at the very least; considering VC has quite a bit of tanks to work with. Preferably more balanced than the iconic lead tanks and as an alternate fictional nation or set of nations.

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