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Valkyria Chronicle: Controversy, Compensation & Clarification

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Introducing Animé tanks is never simple...

Valkyria Chronicle tanks have been a little bit of an issue over the last few days. We are not even talking about their introduction to the game, that’s already problematic for a lot of players even on the Asia Server.

Valkyria Chronicle Tanks

It came to my attention yesterday these tanks had one thing in particular that wasn’t very clear to whoever buys them: the special crew. It seems Wargaming forgot to warn whoever bought these tanks, they would be stuck with the special anime crews on each of the tanks.


Regardless of them being in the Japanese Tech Tree, they have an exclusive and special anime crew that are not interchangeable. Meaning players can’t use these new tanks to train crews and at the same time, these new special crews can’t be used anywhere else.

Because Wargaming failed on telling players about this minor detail, a lot of players started requesting a refund, because this could be classified as misleading/deceptive, in other words, illegal because it deceives buyers.


After quite a big sh*tstorm over the weekend, Tanitha WoT Asia Forum Admin, released the following statement:

Dear Players.

As you are aware Wargaming Asia has partnered with SEGA for the release of the Valkyrie chronicles tanks Nameless and Edelweiss. These tanks include an exclusive and special anime crew with voices partnered with the tank, rendering the crews for these tanks not interchangeable.

Our original news on the tanks release was misleading and unclear. Which has led to some players purchasing the tanks unaware the crew is not interchangeable. If you purchased the tanks before 7pm SGT Monday June 19th prior to when “how the crew works” was made clear on all portals / premium shop / pages in all languages then you may request one of the following by contacting Asia customer support.

1. An accelerated crew levelling package containing
10x boosters +300% crew exp for 2 hours valued at 175 gold each or 1750 gold total.
3 days premium valued at 650 gold
800 gold
And we hope you continue to enjoy your purchase.

2. Or if you prefer, a full refund on the package.
Note : if you wish to request a refund on the package, please ensure the tanks are free of equipment before you request the tanks to be removed.

Either of the above, can be requested through customer support (please allow a few days for processing) provided the purchase was before 7pm SGT June 19th.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this miscommunication.


If you are one of the players who bought the tank before 7pm SGT June 19th, and you would like a compensation, you can either ask for the Crew Levelling Package, or you can ask for a full refund.

Could we say that introducing these Animé tanks to the game would never be simple. At least Wargaming Asia handling of this issue was alright, they admitted they made a mistake and were fast enough in getting it sorted. Let’s hope they have learned their lesson and they will make important information available from the beginning.

Note: Thanks to DeadArashi for emailing me information about this.


15,466 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicle: Controversy, Compensation & Clarification

  1. “Introducing Animé tanks is never simple…”
    Especially if these tanks are from a Game originally not from anime.

  2. How is this a controversy? Honestly, you’re sensationalizing this news by calling it that. It just adds fuel to the fire.

  3. because they didn’t announce at the start that you could not change the crew like you could with EVERY premium until now. Because of this it can be cl***ed as misleading or deceptive conduct which is illegal. The law states:

    “It is illegal for a business to engage in conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive consumers or other businesses. This law applies even if you did not intend to mislead or deceive anyone or no one has suffered any loss or damage as a result of your conduct.”

    That’s how it’s “controversial”, because had WG not acted quickly or offered compensation then players could have by right started a law suit against WG

  4. A very generous compensation from WG. On EU server they once made an error with crew for the T-44-100….. No gold was given, only 3 days premium and 5 crew XP boosters.

  5. Even do I agree with you, referring to laws simply as ‘the law’ is extremely over-simplifying things, since this is an international game. There are quite a few nations without such laws.

  6. It is a bit of a legal grey area as to which laws apply. But even if a case of misleading or deceptive conduct can’t be made for what ever reason a tort of negligence may be applicable instead.

    Just because one law cant be applied doesnt mean there arent others.

    Also, a few hours after it was brought up in the forums that a legal case could be made they suddenly clarified that crew were not interchabgable and that compensation was being looked at.

    That tells me that it was applicable. The call of contraversy thus remains true

  7. The most likely explanation is they just don’t need the h***le and possible damage of reputation. It’s the entire reason most cases are settled out of court, even IF said party is still right. Considering the paperwork and costs of an international case of that magnitude, I can ***ure you nobody will actually take or start that case. You need more than just a few people for something like a cl*** action suit. The problems with jurisdiction alone will give most people pause. For example, lots of countries don’t accept American judgments on foreign citizens or vice versa.

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