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Update 9.21: New Customization Mechanics

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As announced earlier today, new customization mechanics are coming to the game. Official information has been released today by Wargaming and we now can better understand Wargaming plans for the new mechanics.

Source: World of Tank Portal

The new customization mechanics aren’t tied to Update 9.21. The Common Test marks the starting point in fine-tuning them, and its release timing depends directly on how well the test goes. The new customization mechanics will be released to production servers as soon as Wargaming is sure that everything’s polished and works as it should.

What’s New

Style Sets. Customization items are now brought together in style sets designed to help you quickly personalize your vehicle. Preconfigured style sets might include a mix of paint, camo, emblems, etc., and automatically apply them in one click.

*The prices aren’t final. Check the game client for the full list of relevant prices when the feature releases.

Go for an authentic set or create your own styles. Plus, there’s a rental style set available with Credits and useable for a number of battles.

Paint. Each Tech Tree now has a variety of paints to choose from. They differ across nations and can be applied separately to the hull, turret, gun, suspension, and gun mantlet. Also, you can choose the main colour theme for winter, summer, and desert maps.

How Paint Works

Coloring each module takes one can of paint; painting the entire tank takes five. Make sure you’ve got enough in stock before you get started.

Historically accurate and non-historical paint work differently. Having bought a can of non-historical paint, you can apply it for any season (one can per module). Historical paint is a whole other thing. With it, you need to buy paint separately for each season. In other words, you need 15 cans of historically accurate paint to fully color a tank for three seasons.

Historically accurate elements are visible to all players by default. If you’d like to see all elements, including designs that diverge from history, just un-check the “Hide non-historic elements” box in the settings (“General” tab). It’s checked by default.

*The prices aren’t final. Check the game client for the full list of relevant prices when the feature releases.

Camouflage. Camo is now divided into three skins. You can apply it separately to a vehicle’s hull, turret, and gun; put together a set from several camos for each season, and adjust camo sizes choosing from small, normal, and large—all of these for each area. For select camos, you can also tweak their looks, working within the set colour pallet.

Don’t worry, vehicles can still be fully covered with the camo you already have. The new customization system just splits them into three parts.

Camo value bonuses are active when applied to the hull, and will decrease the enemy’s view range around your tank.

Emblems and Inscriptions. Now, you can view where an emblem or inscription will be before application. The revamped UI shows designated areas for these items.

All permanent camo, emblems, and inscriptions you purchased before the new mechanics release will be in your Storage when it drops. You spent money on them and they’re rightfully yours. Temporary camouflages will be withdrawn, but you’ll have their costs reimbursed.

Effects. You can give your vehicle a distinct look with aging and fading effects for paint and camo, going from sleek to aged or ancient.


Currently, new effects, paints, and purchasable styles are available only for Tiers VIII Premium vehicles and Tier X tanks. We’re working on bringing them to lower tiers. Camos, emblems, inscriptions, and rental styles can be applied to all tanks.

Pricing Revision

Fundamental changes to the customization system won’t work without a pricing revision. Right now, we’re designing a uniform pricing model that will mesh with the new mechanics. The last thing we need is a rushed solution. So, we’ll take the time we need to do it right, and will offer you a full lowdown on the changes and the rationale behind them when we’re finished. To minimize any inconvenience the revision might bring, we’ll be giving everyone an exclusive nine-item set of camouflages when the feature releases. It consists of three season sets with skins for the hull, turret, and gun in each. “What’s so exclusive about it,” you ask? Well, unlike other, nation-specific camos, these special textures can be applied to absolutely any tank.


15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.21: New Customization Mechanics

  1. I remember playing a game back in 2007 that has the option to paint tanks anyway you wanted… quite a fun mechanic.

  2. Yes, you can hide all unhistorical elements, and just see the historical ones. You don’t have to see pink tanks if you don’t want to.

  3. Maybe you should check the previous post, where I shared that video and talked about it 😉 And yes, this is the official Wargaming info on the subject, the video he shared was something he wasn’t supposed to publish until today… Got those videos too send by wargaming.

  4. About time we got some fun customization elements in the game. Valve has been mopping up money for more than a decade selling virtual hats; I’m only surprised it took Wargaming this long to hop on the bandwagon.

    My only qualm with the new elements would be for those who would get all twisted up about the appearance of things (same crowd that threw a fit when they changed the blue on the British camo a few years back) but since they’ll have an option to hide it in game, that solves that problem.

    So, bring on the neon colors, razzle-dazzle, racing stripes, tie-dye, and other goofy add-ons! I am stoked to give this a spin when it goes live!

  5. I just re-read this and something irks me.

    The way I read it, players who want to keep their tank historical, but still want to keep all the bonuses are screwed because they have to spend three times as much?

  6. Costs aren’t set yet. And no, if you buy a camoflage, you pay for one, not three. If it gets to pay three, I’m sure WG will “split” current costs so it keeps inline to what we pay now.

  7. i cant see how you could be sure about that. last time they changed how camo worked (when the division between 3 seasons came in) it tripled the cost of camo and the refund left people who had already bought camo for gold 2/3rds short of the new system.

    we can HOPE that they keep the costing inline with the current system but i think its fair to say it would be quite surprising and out of character if they did…

  8. Ah ok. So the fact you need 5 cans for non-historical and 15 cans for historical will be balanced out in the costs. That makes sense.

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