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Update 9.20.1: Receive Bonds for Epic & Battle Hero Achievements

Today Wargaming started sharing more information about Update 9.20.1. And for its first big announcement, they are expanding the possibility of earning bonds. Players will be able to earn bonds not just on Tier X vehicles, but also in other tiers.


With the release of the new patch, you will receive additional encouragement in the form of bonds to obtain rare medals – bonds will now be awarded for Epic and Battle Hero Achievements.

At the moment the number of bonds is not final and might change in the future. More details on the number of bonds per achievement will be released later.

Update #1

Bonds can also be received when playing in Tier IV-IX vehicles!

After the release of the new update, players will be rewarded with Bonds for earning rare awards: now all Epic Medals and Battle Hero achievements received in Random Battles will earn Bonds. The exceptions are two accumulative medals: War Genius and Wolf Among Sheep.

The reward will depend on award complexity, as well as the vehicle tier. The higher the vehicle tier, the more Bonds can be received. Bonds will be received for earning the abovementioned awards when playing in Tier IV-IV vehicles.

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