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Update 9.19.1 Estimated Dates

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Update 9.19.1 will be the next interim patch, bringing fixes and some other changes.

World of Tanks next update will be Update 9.19.1, just as with Update 9.17.1 it will be an interim patch and will come most likely in mid July. Following patch will be 9.20 with new improved graphics and HD maps, aimed to be released in mid/end of August.

Personal Missions 2.0 should be expected later this year, most probably near the end of 2017. Although developers said that Personal Missions 2.0 are 80% ready, they don’t want to rush it, but this is not all that is reserved for 2017.

Regarding Update 9.19.1, official Wargaming announcement should come in the next couple of days, between 14 and 16 of June, and Supertest should end around June 15.

First Common Test Server will most likely start between 21 and 23 June, with the Second Common Test Server scheduled to start between 28 and 30 June.

Depending on Common Test results and if everything is OK, general patch should be expected to be released in the first half of July.

Readers are reminded these dates are estimated and not guaranteed to be accurate.

Main changes players should expect for Update 9.19.1 are:

  • Changes to Regular Vehicles, mainly Russian. (Buffs)
  • Changes to Premium Vehicles, mainly Russian. (Buffs)
  • A new revised Personal Rating System.
  • Complex fixes (H: No idea what this could be)

Full patch notes should be coming out in the next few dates, so more information will be available soon.

Source: WOT Express

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