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Update 1.8: Introducing Battle Pass

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Battle Pass is a long-term event with tons of valuable prizes. To participate in Battle Pass, you simply need to play in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles.

Battle Pass Season I is available during the Common Test only for preliminary testing. Main and Elite Progression systems, their values, rewards ​​and various characteristics that are relevant for the Common Test have been changed and may not correspond to those ​​in the final version of the event.

How It Works

Perform at your best and earn Progression Points, which will automatically increase your Battle Pass stage. The number of points earned depends on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Check it out.

Points Position in Your Team’s Post-Battle Ranking by XP earned Conditions for Obtaining
3 TOP-10 Lose a battle/Draw
5 TOP-3 Lose a battle/Draw
5 TOP-10 Win a battle
7 TOP-3 Win a battle

There will be a certain number of Battle Pass stages, and reaching each one will reward you with valuable in-game items. Once you have reached a stage, you cannot lose it, regardless of your battle performance.

You can only earn a fixed number of Progression Points in each tank, depending on its tier. The higher the tier, the more points you can earn. When you reach this limit, you will not be able to earn more points, so you need to select another tank from your Garage. A special indicator will show how many points you can still earn in each vehicle. In addition, a new filter has been added to the tank carousel in the Garage to help you see which tanks are eligible for earning points in the Battle Pass event.

Rewards & Improved Pass Purchase

At each stage, there are two tracks of rewards available—Base and Improved. To get your hands on Improved Rewards, you need to purchase an Improved Pass, a special item that will save you time and effort. It is available for gold in the game client. When you purchase an Improved Pass, you get the opportunity to receive Improved Rewards for each of the stages. Moreover, you instantly get your hands on the improved prizes for already completed stages.

Although the rewards for this activity during the Common Test may not correspond to those that can be obtained after its release, we can already give you a sneak peek of the prizes you can earn with Battle Pass:

  • One of two unique commanders
  • Up to two formidable 3D-styles

Elite Progression System

After completing all stages of the Main Progression, the Elite Progression journey begins with additional rewards and, for the first time in World of Tanks, after reaching the final stage of the Main Progression, you’ll get a dynamic badge that shows your current Battle Pass stage—a mark of honour that lets other players know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Premium time for a month of WOT is already twice as expensive as battle p***es for PUBG and Apex combined, and both of those last 3 months and come with considerably more benefits. And Wargaming wants to charge more for a battle p***? I understand they want to make money, but when that is the first, second, third and fourth concern you have regarding a game, you are going to charge your playerbase out of existence.

  2. The price point is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off. The monetization guy has lost his mind. Bleeding the playerbase on a decade old game that has years old balance issues yet unaddressed is not a sustainable practice.

  3. Yes they are, the richer they become the greedier they will get because they are at the stage that they bleed it heavily or move their riches to greener pastures.
    Riches don’t come with morality…………just options

  4. I’m fine with the Skin being pay-walled but really ticks me off when they do that to Bounty Equipment.

  5. how much is it? and where did you find this info?? could you tell me? thanks

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