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Update 1.8 Common Test Rolls Out!

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Today marks the launch of the first Common Test of Update 1.8, which will introduce the new Daily Quests system and several changes to Session Statistics. The latest update of Frontline and the final season of Ranked Battles will also be available for everyone.

Daily Quests

During the Update 1.8 Common Test, you’ll have the chance to be among the first to try out Daily Quests, which will replace Rewards for Merit with the release of Update 1.8. This new system will inspire you to continue honing your battle skills while enhancing your Random Battles experience with a consistent supply of useful and predictable items.

Every day, three quests will be available with different levels of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard. The conditions and rewards for completion are displayed in your Garage. All quests can be performed simultaneously, and the number and value of rewards increase gradually along with the complexity of their conditions. You can reroll one of your quests every 4 hours to receive a new quest with different conditions.

Can’t complete certain missions right away? Don’t sweat! You can continue the next day from where you left off since the most challenging quests often allow a few days for completion.

After completing all three missions, you’ll unlock a bonus quest with even better rewards, which may include:

  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • Free XP
  • Blueprints
  • A free Garage slot
  • A Demount Kit

As you complete Daily Quests, a special progress bar is filled. One mission completed adds one point to your piggy bank. In addition, players with a WoT Premium Account will receive an extra 1 point for completing each of the three Premium missions. Once you’ve earned a total of 45 points, you will receive 100 Bonds and one of the following rewards: Personal Reserves, a Crew Book, or one day of WoT Premium Account.

Session Statistics

Session Statistics are about to get even better and more functional! To make your game experience more enjoyable, the updated Session Statistics will now display the following information:

  • Win percentage
  • Average number of enemies spotted
  • Average number of vehicles destroyed
  • Survival rate
  • Average tier of vehicles you use per session

An options button will also be added so you can reconfigure this feature to your liking, and you’ll be able to select the statistics you want to focus on. Do you want to track destroyed and spotted tanks, or perhaps damage received? Or maybe you want to keep track of the percentage of wins or experience earned? It’s all up to you!

In addition, the button allows you to choose how economic parameters are displayed: the total number of credits and bonds earned per session or your net income with deductions automatically applied.

Finally, you don’t have to reset your stats each day. You’re free to decide when your session starts!

Ranked Battles Season Finale

In this first Common Test, the final season of Ranked Battles is available for preliminary testing.

Values ​​and various characteristics that are relevant for the Common Test are subject to change after their release. All rewards listed in the game client are not final and may not correspond to those in the final version of the event.

After completing the ultimate Season of Ranked Battles 2019–2020, you’ll have the opportunity to spend your earned Rank Tokens on the final reward pool, which includes not only the previously announced unique Tier IX German medium tank, the Kampfpanzer 50 t, but also three gorgeous 2D styles, and other cool stuff, too! More detailed information about these prizes will be available in a dedicated article. Don’t worry, upon getting the final rewards, all your remaining Rank Tokens will be compensated by bonds—we’ll get into all details a bit later, so stay tuned!


Improved manoeuvrability of wheeled vehicles when driving in reverse

  • Wheeled vehicles can now turn at a larger angle when driving in reverse upon releasing the “Forward” key and holding the “Right” or “Left” keys. To take advantage of this feature, press and hold the Space bar (hand brake) together with the “Back” and “Right/Left” keys. This new feature will ensure higher manoeuvrability at low speeds in confined spaces.

Daily and Premium Missions

  • Added a new type of missions: Daily Missions
  • Three daily missions will be available in Random Battles. Once they are complete, a fourth bonus mission with a better reward becomes available.
  • Mission progress can be tracked in the Garage. Any mission can be changed once every 4 hours.
  • Missions within WoT PA were visually revamped and transferred to the Daily Missions tab.

Changes to Ranked Battles

  1. Made some balance changes to the role experience system.
  2. Revised the principle of crediting experience for destroying enemy vehicles. Now the amount of XP earned for a destroyed enemy vehicle depends on the amount of damage caused to the destroyed vehicle. The less damage caused to the destroyed vehicle, the less XP earned. The share of damage is counted for the whole battle, not for the last shot.
  3. Improved the mode’s matchmaker. Wheeled vehicles now belong to a separate category. They will have their own matchmaker queue (separate from tracked light tanks).
  4. Improved UI
  5. Implemented the visual indicator of an allied shell hitting the player’s vehicle in the Battle Notifications menu for Ranked and Random Battles.

Changes in Session Statistics

Expanded the list of parameters in Session Statistics:

  • Victory rate
  • Average number of vehicles spotted
  • Average number of vehicles destroyed
  • Battles survived
  • Average vehicle tier for the session

Added the functionality of configuring Session Statistics. Added the following parameters that can be configured:

  1. Possibility to choose parameters (from a variety of parameters) to be displayed
  2. Option of displaying economic parameters
  3. Option to disable the daily reset of statistics. Now statistics can accumulate.
  4. Possibility to save one of the two display tabs: Battles or Vehicles.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles


Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players:

  • UDES 03 Alt 3

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.8 Common Test Rolls Out!

  1. Hmm, separate queue for the wheeled menaces. Interesting.

    I have to hope that WG can fix the dire mess MM has become. It’s really bad.

  2. “Improved manoeuvrability of wheeled vehicles” is this out of season april fools joke???? they are f***ing broken and buff them even further instead of fixing them… HA HA HA i am already laughing.. good joke … GOOOOD JOKE

  3. For clarity, WG admits Wheeled cars completely dominate tracked light tanks despite promising us tracked LTs would easily 1v1 them. To cure this problem WG is adjusting the matchmaker so they only see other wheeled cars. This is after WG insisted on putting them in the light tanks cl***, which was inappropriate from the start. The “fix” is only for ranked battles, which is less than 5 percent of battles played on any server region, and less than 1 percent for NA server which has had ranked battles mostly removed.

    This is not a fix. It IS, however, acknowledgment by the company that wheeled cars are clearly overpowered and a problem. The proper fix is to adjust them down and address the many many features that make them so overpowered, like damage mitigation, maneuverability, and damage dealing while on the move. Theres no reason a wheeled car should have the highest accuracy in the game, and no reason a Leopard 1 should struggle to damage one that can return fire on the move from 500 meters and do m***ive HE damage. Regardless of the ammo rework, wheeled cars require significant additional adjustments, and the matchmaker changes for ranked MUST be installed into all game modes. It is unconscionable to suggest only adjusting ranked MM.

  4. I neglected to mention that it is INCOMPREHENSIBLE that WG would make wheeled cars easier to drive in this patch? They are by far the most maneuverable vehicle in this game. They have special physics to prevent them from flipping over or being stuck on their sides already. These are the most toxic vehicles in this game.

    Buffing wheeled cars will only increased player hatred and animus towards WG and further the notion that the company does not pay attention to us and has an open disregard for us.

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