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Update 1.8 Common Test: New 3D Styles for FV4202 & KV-2

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With the third Common Test iteration, two brand new 3D styles were introduced to two vehicles: FV4202 and KV-2. Very limited information is available about their future, but one can guess that the FV4202 style will be connected to St. Patricks Day celebrations.

FV4202 “St. Patricks” Style

Saint Patricks Day celebration style, will most probably be available arround the 17th of March, just in time for the celebrations.

KV-2 “Post Apocalyptic” Style

No mention to when and where this style will be available, the only information we have is that it might be a post appocalyptic sytle connected to an entity called Legion.

Source: WOT Express

1 thought on “Update 1.8 Common Test: New 3D Styles for FV4202 & KV-2

  1. They are adding more and more stuff to 3d styles
    These barrels will certainly attract shots from people who do not know about in-game hitbox

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