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Update 1.8: Challenge Yourself with Daily Missions!

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World of Tanks Update 1.8 will bring a new set of regular Daily Missions for Random battles, these missions will replace Rewards for Merit.

The new system is easier to understand and makes it clear which rewards players will receive and what is required to get them. A new feature will also be introduced, the ability to re-roll the conditions of three Daily Missions, giving you flexibility in completing them.

Keep Honing Your Battle Skills!

Open the Daily Missions tab in your Garage to find three battle quests with increasing levels of difficulty (Tier I, Tier II and Tier III). You can complete all three missions simultaneously, and their conditions are displayed in the Missions tab. Mission conditions should be similar to the following examples:

Tier ITier IITier IIIBonus


  • Destroy an enemy vehicle.
  • Earn 300 Base Experience in a battle.
  • Cause 1,000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles.
  • Win a battle.
  • Cause damage to 5 enemy vehicles.


  • Cause 2 critical hits to enemy vehicles in a battle.
  • Be among the top 5 players on your team by experience earned.
  • Cause 1,000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles.
  • Destroy 3 enemy vehicles.
  • Win 2 battles.


  • Destroy 5 enemy vehicles.
  • Spot 3 enemy vehicles in a battle.
  • Be among the top 3 players on your team by damage caused.
  • Earn 1,500 Base Experience.
  • Cause 7 critical hits to the enemy vehicles in a battle (accumulative).


  • Win 4 battles.
  • Be the top player on your team by damage caused.
  • Cause damage to 15 enemy vehicles.
  • Cause 5,000 HP of damage to enemy vehicles.
  • Destroy 3 enemy vehicles in a battle.

Missions renew daily at the end of the game day, at 05:00 UTC, and you are allowed to complete no more than one mission of each type per day.

If a mission is not of your liking you can just re-roll one of your missions every 4 hours, to get a new mission from the same difficulty category.

You’ll get more and better rewards for completing harder missions, and you can check the rewards for each mission in your Garage at any time. You can get your hands on consumables, bonds, Free XP, credits, Crew Books or blueprint fragments.

More Missions, More Rewards!

After completing all three regular missions, you’ll unlock a Bonus Mission with even better rewards, which may include:

  • A Garage slot
  • Free XP
  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • A Demounting Kit
  • Blueprint fragments

To unlock a Bonus Mission, you need to complete one mission of each difficulty on the same day, no matter what day each of them was started on. The Bonus Mission becomes available as soon as you successfully complete all three missions.

Bonus Mission conditions cannot be rerolled! You can only complete a Bonus Mission on the day you unlock it.

As you complete Daily Missions, a special progress bar is filled. Each completed mission (including the Bonus Mission) earns you one point. Upon earning 45 points, you will receive 100 bonds and one of the following Epic Rewards:

  • A Personal Reserve
  • A Training Manual
  • One day of WoT Premium Account

Completing Premium Missions

Plus, players with a WoT Premium Account will receive an additional point for completing each of the three daily Premium Missions. Starting with Update 1.8, you can find them in the Daily Missions tab.

Daily Premium Missions don’t affect receiving the Bonus Mission but speed up your progress towards getting an Epic Reward.