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Update 1.8: Battle Pass is coming but at a later date!

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If you are one of the many players excited for Update 1.8 due to the Battle Pass, you might have to wait a few more days.

Rumours have now spread saying that Battle Pass was cancelled and is not coming with Update 1.8, but after getting the information checked, we canĀ confirm Battle Pass will be coming with Update 1.8, but at a later date.

Update 1.8 will still feature the brand new Battle Pass, but for now, we will have to wait for a small micro patch to activate it, similar to what happens with Frontline and Ranked Battles.

While we didn’t get any information about the reason on the delay, we suspect that Wargaming just wants to have all the information compiled correctly, so player participation is at it’s maximum.

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  1. That bounty gld for the f2p path tho, WG please… “I too like to get a useless special GLD instead of a bounty rammer haHAA”

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