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Update 1.6: Customization Update

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With each update, players have been getting more ways to customize their tanks and make them look unique. We still don’t have the promised 3D customizations, but at least we are having more ways to paint ridiculous things into our tanks. But that’s not all, the interface has also been updated, as it was a bit complicated and counter-intuitive to use, now you can easily drag and drop your prefered decals into the position you want. The new interface also allows to:

  • Move the selected decal to another location and see how it looks there
  • Rotate or remove it from the tank with a couple of clicks

Final but not least, new rectangular decals are also coming. Available for Tier X and Tier VIII Premium (Wargaming likes to “drag” these things into several patches so it looks like a massive job) and can be applied to specific areas on each vehicle, such as the entire side of the tank.

At least now your E 100 will look like that canvas you always wanted to hang in your living room and the EBR 105 shall ask you to “Paint me as one of your French girls”…

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6: Customization Update

  1. It may actually be some hard work since they may have to rework UV coordinates of every single polygon of the given tanks.

  2. Customazation is actually quite fun. I copied Truvodoo’s “Eye-S3A” in mine. Since then it got a stun effect on red tanks

  3. I like it too, but I also like to make “fun” of it 😀

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