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Update 1.6 Common Test: Personal Reserves for Frontline

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Ever wondered if Wargaming would make Frontline less painful to grind? Well, that day might come sooner than you think.

Instead of lowering the XP requirements for each Rank or to create a system that would give you points depending independently of were your Rank (for example, you are still missing jut a tiny portion of XP to rank to General and the game ends, you would still receive for example 1050 points, instead of 1,200) Wargaming had a brilliant idea: Personal Reserves or Frontlines.

Please note this feature is still undergoing tests and may not be added in Update 1.6, but, if no now, it’s coming later that’s for sure. So, what’s Personal Reserves for Frontline?

Similar to the already existing Personal Reserves, players would get a boost of 100% in Frontline Experience. For example, having earned the rank General in Frontline, a player would receive 2,400 Frontline Experience, instead of 1,200. The duration of these Personal Reserves is one hour, enough to do on average three battles.

For now, Wargaming is going to test these Personal Reserves in the Common Test, starting today July 18 until the end of the test. Depending on test results, then it will be decided to implement them in Update 1.6 or later.

Only one point remains: Are Personal Reserves for Frontline really necessary or they are just yet another way of grabbing cash from the players? Wouldn’t it be better to implement a system that points would be dynamically calculated in accordance to rank XP?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6 Common Test: Personal Reserves for Frontline

  1. i feel like these personal reserves are more aimed at people who don’t have time to play every week of frontlines. I’ve only just gotten to prestige 1 so i wouldn’t mind these personal reserves although i feel like they would drastically decrease the time for anyone grinding frontlines

  2. I suppose they can be earned in random battles not only in frontline

  3. Personal Reserves is one of the things that has broken the game. Designed to help players with less time. Abused by players who have more time. Frontlines is boring and broken. This will just get abused by the Frontline farmers like all other PR’s.

  4. This one kinda hurts. I loved FL originally but a single map, surplus of OP premium tanks on the enemy team that I can’t addord to buy (p2w much?), and the fact that they mega upped the grind makes FL a chore to play. Or should I say, it did for the first episode because every single other episode I’ve either been on a business trip for or it happened during exam week in University. I really want the Emil and AE but I’m not even going to get the STA at this rate.

  5. That’s absolutely pointless… just like how they planned to reduce Prem Ammo DMG by increasing Health and the damage of the other ammo types…. absolute mad house. It would absolutely make more sense to have the ranking system be dynamic so you don’t feel horrible if the battle ends and you lack just a little bit of the bar. They already use some metric to fill those bars, it’d cost them literally nothing to just give EXP based on that metric rather than on the ranks…. but then it wouldn’t be a grind now, would it?

  6. I like this system as it helps anyone that is late to the party to catch up and get ae phase 1. Most players gave up not knowing what they’ll get. Now that I know the tank, I’m really devout to doing it. I’m at 3.09 or something like that and this is my second episode. I’m really excited with these

  7. Just them creating yet another way to monetize their dying game.

  8. On the one hand I feel cheated by this move. I grinded my backside off to get to where I am now (P7/tier29), and now some players that did not want to put in the time and effort when the AEP-1 was unknown can get to the same tank in HALF the time???

    On the other hand, test it by all means, but save the introduction for next year’s FL campaign, so we all can benefit equally. Or compensate those players that have put in the time until now with free FL XP boosters; Have you reached P8? You get 50 FL XP boosters. P7? 40 boosters. Etc etc, with P4 or less receiving 0 free boosters. Those that want to play catchup using this feature can pay for the booster. I already did with my time.

    And Harkonnen, I like your sugestion of dynamic xp calculation. Sure, plenty of times I reached rank x with my last shot, but equally enough times I was short 1-2-3 shots.

  9. Guys, they reduced the amount of FL exp you could get when they brought FL back. We dont need boosters to offset this because it is a non issue. Wargaming just needs to go back to the original exp values. Otherwise it clearly is a money grab and the company has changed a variable and for money you can change it back. Why is it me that has to point this stuff out? Am I the voice of reason or the tinfoil hat guy?

  10. What the hell is all this hand ringing about a “money grab”. Here’s a news flash wargaming is a for profit company engaged in free enterprise. They sell a product, if you don’t like the product don’t buy it. But please stop whining like snowflakes because they actually sell a product. Maybe some of you can lobby your socialist governments to add to your free health care.

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