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Update 1.6.1 Common Test: E 75 TS 3D Style

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Update 1.6.1 will bring a new 3D style for the upcoming German Tier VIII Premium heavy tank E 75 TS. Marked as historical with a cost of 4,000 Gold, it’s unclear when it’s coming out and how players will be able to get it. Based on previous sales, players should most probably expect it to be sold together with the tank at some point.

Source: WOT Express

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15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6.1 Common Test: E 75 TS 3D Style

  1. Like most German heavies it has a lower front plate the size of a drive in movie screen. I smell a death trap!

  2. Sell on gamescom stream they said that IT Will not be sold, i guess that IT IS the reward for next Steel Hunt season

  3. No its not, I had that confirmed. It’s a regular Premium to be sold, I have no idea who said this wasn’t to be sold, but must probably what they meant was not going to be sold during Gamescom.

  4. Hello,

    I do not think so, the style is same as styles that we recieved for Steel hunter, it has to be connected with it.

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