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Update 1.20 CT: Battle Pass Season X Styles, New Tier IXs for 2023

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The Update 1.20 Common Test has been updated with the new content for Battle Pass Season X, which is set to kick off around the release of Update 1.20 in late February/early March 2023. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come:

New for 2023

Two New Tier IX Vehicles

As is tradition, two (2) new vehicles will be available to receive this year in exchange for :bp_token: Battle Pass Tokens. Tokens will be available to accumulate over the course of all three Battle Pass seasons planned for 2023.

While the shop is not currently set up on the Common Test, the preview tooltip for the Token shop has been updated, revealing this year’s new vehicles:


  • IX 🇨🇳:HTelite:BZ-58-2

  • IX 🇩🇪:TDelite:Kpz 3 Pr.07 HK

Furthermore, the image confirms that at least four of the previous years’ vehicles will continue to be available from the shop:

  • IX 🇬🇧:MTelite:Cobra
  • IX 🇫🇷:HTelite:Lorraine 50 t
  • IX 🇺🇸:HTelite:AE Phase 1
  • IX :flag_ussr_wot::HTelite:Object 777 Version II

The IX 🇩🇪:MTelite:Kunze Panzer, IX :flag_ussr_wot::TDelite:К-91-PT, and IX 🇲🇫:MTelite:Char Futur 4 will all likely be available for tokens as well, though they have not been confirmed at this time.

The token costs of these vehicles are not yet known.

New Bounty Equipment

One new piece of Bounty Equipment will also be available to earn this year: Bounty Hardening!

Characteristics (listed as before/after upgrading):

  • • +8%/+11% to vehicle hitpoints (rounded up)
  • +50%/+70% to chassis durability
  • +15%/+25% to chassis repair speed
  • +10%/+10% to chassis load capacity
  • -50%/-70% of the damage transferred to the hull through the chassis when falling

Upgrading Bounty Equipment will cost :credits:3,000,000 credits, as usual.

Upon completing each chapter, players who purchase the premium pass will have the option to select any one (1) piece of Bounty Equipment:

Otherwise, Bounty Equipment will be available to purchase from the :bp_token: Token shop (does NOT require purchasing premium pass).

Battle Pass: Season X

Core Vehicles

Season X will feature the following three core vehicles:

3D Styles + Commanders

The three core vehicles will each come with a unique 3D style, all of which can be received from (and upgraded by completing) the free pass. Furthermore, completing each chapter will award you with a unique commander corresponding to each vehicle.

When recruiting, you can choose:

  • Nation
  • Vehicle
  • Crew role

These crew members all come with “Brothers in Arms” as a zero-perk, along with two additional skills to choose from (trained to 100%).

:3dst: “Wüstenschiff” for X :flag_germany_wot::HT:Maus

In-game description:

“They are still very young, just taking baby steps. I hope—sincerely—that all of them will live through this war and that they’ll have an opportunity to take another look at all of my ‘crazy ideas.’ Do we really have nothing better to do than mount anti-air guns on their tanks? Are we doing this only to get a couple more Reichsmarks? We don’t think about anything but ourselves here—that’s what they think, huh? Or do those critics forget how my AA guns saved the 22nd Panzer Division from being annihilated by strike planes? Have you forgotten who the sky belongs to now? Ask yourself a question: What do you want more, to drag my technical solutions in the mud or to survive and return home? Ask your parents what THEY want more. Your criticism got me sent to Africa, but believe me—I’m not wasting any time here. I know I can still help. Even though no one believes in me. Live through the war and think about it. Always yours, Oberst ‘Old Fool’ Andreas Bekker.”

Image Credit: WoT Express.

NOTE: The above previews show the style at its final (fourth) level, but are missing the camo pattern which is supposed to come with this level. This can be seen here:

:crew_m: Emil Kittel

:3dst: “Nyx” for X 🇮🇹:HT:Rinoceronte

In-game description:

“Another report on excessive shell usage? Anything else? You l’asino stupido got your shoulder marks two weeks ago but already managed to get everyone sick of useless paperwork. I always dreamed of writing reports when going off to the front, of course. You wait there, Englishmen, hold on with your advance—I have a couple of papers to fill out. You are interested in ammunition and I am interested in where the 15th Infantry Brigade went. The one you promised would support us. Any ideas? Maybe you can write me a report? Quinctilius Varus, give me back my legions! Oh, what am I saying? You never even learned your country’s history. Want to learn about excessive shell usage? We’re firing them! At the enemy! All the time! Is this report good enough for you? And don’t even get me started on insubordination or I might actually blow up. You’ve been an officer for two weeks, but you’re my little brother for life.”

NOTE: The above previews show the style at its final (fourth) level, but are missing the camo pattern which is supposed to come with this level. This can be seen here:

:crew_m: Sandro Mancini

:3dst: “Svadilfari” for X 🇸🇪:MT:UDES 15/16

In-game description:

“This is unbearable, Eric. I’ve lived in the north my whole life, and you know what the weather is like over there. Now I’m getting transferred here, where steel is almost melting in the sun. What use is there to me, Eric, when I am almost always half-conscious? I know our language pretty well, but now I’m having a hard time using anything but curses to describe the situation. How stupid I was to whine about our harsh winters. It’s true what they say: If you want to open someone’s eyes to something, put them in a truly awful environment and they’ll understand right away that they’ve been doing pretty good. You know what’s the only thing keeping me in check, Eric? The ventilation system still works. When it breaks down (and that’s not an if but a definite when—you’ve seen it being assembled yourself), remember everything we’ve read about Muspelheim because that’s exactly where we’re going.”

NOTE: The above previews show the style at its final (fourth) level, but are missing the camo pattern which is supposed to come with this level. This can be seen here:

:crew_f: Rebecca Holmberg


2D Styles

This season features four unique 2D styles. Three of these will likely be obtainable in the free pass (one per-chapter). This leaves an extra one — however, it is not yet known which one this is, nor where it will be available.

:2dst: “Roho”

In-game description:

An all-season style dedicated to the secret bunker expedition. Kittel, Mancini, and Holmberg found numerous parts for battle vehicles and thousands of large-caliber machine gun rounds. They believed this scrap was an echo of war—but only before they discovered the objective of their mission.

:2dst: “Hofu”

An all-season style reminding us of how dangerous and violent the desert can be. Infernal heat, parasites, wild animals, and venomous insects will stick for a long time with Rebecca Holmberg, who believed it could not get any worse. As it turned out, it always could.

Interestingly, this style features a unique camo pattern for each season (and is the only one out of all the new 2D styles to do so):

:2dst: “Rafiki”

An all-season style depicting an oasis found by Kittel after a four-day march across sand waves. The long-awaited rest was interrupted by a ferocious lion’s roar, who was ready to attack but suddenly stopped before the translator and looked at him as though he had met an old friend. Emil understood: The local fauna will not bother them anymore.

:2dst: “Ngamia”

An all-season style depicting three domesticated camels brought by Sandro Mancini after he went looking for water. Rebecca and Emil never learned how exactly this adventure seeker managed to get his hands on the animals, but those ships of the desert saved their lives when the group’s vehicles got buried in the sands forever.


Three new decals will be featured in Season X, likely as part of the premium pass:

:decal: “Leopard”

:decal: “Zebra”

:decal: “Antelope”

More details regarding Season X of Battle Pass will likely arrive closer to its launch, which is expected to take place sometime around Update 1.20’s release (late February/early March 2023). Stay tuned!

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