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Update 1.16: Common Test & Possible Release Dates

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The next World of Tanks update will be Update 1.16, contrary to the expected 1.15.1, but as we roll out to 2022, when can we expect the Common Test and the Update to be released?

The year 2021 wasn’t great for World of Tanks and the start of 2022 can’t say it will be much better. With a lot of work delayed for unknown reasons and a lot of activities coming during January and early February, the Update seems to have been pushed back into late February.

Update 1.16 Common Test should be released at the end of January, most likely January 27 and the first iteration will last the usual week until February 3. If the test goes as expected with the usual three iterations, expect Update 1.16 to be released around February 22-23.

Update 1.16 will feature the brand new American heavy tank Branch and will introduce five new vehicles. Battle Pass Season 7 will also be released, possibly bringing brand new vehicles for all of you to collect!

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29 thoughts on “Update 1.16: Common Test & Possible Release Dates

  1. Well hipefully they release the obj 752 or obj 590 something new or has yet to be released

  2. 10 plus years game technically isnt fixed. Every year nothing, thats awesome WG greeders

  3. Collect or buy with tokens! How many, depends if you buy Improved Battle P*** or not!

  4. 9 years of gaming, 48k games all tiers (yes that means there is fun to have between tiers I to X), 56% win, play for fun, not try hard 3 marks and other non sense.
    This 5 years in a row that WG consistently let’s down its players down with m***ive préjudice.
    +2/-2 MM that should have been trashed 5 years ago still creating unbalance games in their hundreds.
    Un necessary nerfing of the HE with the sole purpose of buffing powerful hull down capable tanks made arty, derp heavies and TDs almost redundants.
    Non sensical auto loading, reloading, barillets, multi barrels tanks wasting the purpose of cl***ic tanks. Any games with tiers VIII and above will field between 6 to 8 of such tanks (lights, Meds, TDs, heavies…).
    So many things to be fixed that won’t fit the sake of greed and because of the lack of competition.
    They pad their fat bellies about being the best, but being the best when you are the only one is pathetic (and no, war thunder can’t even really compare).
    So about the next update… Got no more hopes, they have been to fast in the greed and power creep side to care for players any longer.
    More OP tanks that will require being shot at with premium rounds on barillets to make sure you use as many as possible (oh, and I forgot, should you play in platoons forget your hopes to be too+2/+1, that is not meant to happen, top tiers +2 is a 5% chances, top tiers +1 is a15% chances, unique tiers amounts for 30% and everything else is bottom -1 & -2).

    The only thing I know for sure is that WG will let me down, as they just did on the Xmas advent calendar/ops (and in spite of their “ooops we screwed and fixed the Xmas decorations event).

    Dad to see they are their own nemesis

  5. I really don’t get why you’re crying so much about all the changes etc. i mean, yeah i get it. Playing against 2 tiers higher really isn’t fair and depending on your and the enemy tanks may seem lost already when loading in. But there’s always a chance to still get the win and perform well even as a low tier. And since you mentioned you have 56% winrate you seem to be a good or even better player. Unless of course you’re only playing up to tier 6 and you’re simply clubbing new players. And with 48k games on your record, you should have more than enough experience to know about good map positions etc. If a enemy is in a position that makes it “OP” for example the tornvagn, hull-down in close quarters, then yeah. It’s really unbalanced, but in that case you don’t stay, you try to get the enemy out of their position and into a position where you’re in favor. The Tornvagn has really bad dispersion so you could try your best to get him out of hull down positions and play distanced on him, or get your team to rush him as a group like a 3on1. There will always be enough players that will simply try their best to win their games and play, instead of complaining and whining about wg “letting them down”. Personally i agree that the advent calendar was kind of trash. But then again it’s like saying “I hate that WG doesn’t give me offers, that make me want to give them my money” The Holiday ops event is really good this year in my opinion, especially with all the weekend missions allowing you to get 30k+ shards so you can fill your collection a lot faster. Even without spending any money on lootboxes, if you grind you have that 50% bonus relatively fast. i had it just shortly after christmas for example. Since the boosts last until january 24th it’s pretty much like a whole month with a 50% bonus which is really good. This year was a lot easier to complete the event that all the last years so i think everyone saying that wg is just making everything worse is just really ignorant.

  6. They really needs bring back 5 person platoons 3 is ajoke have 2 platoons of 2 trying to launch at same time is a waste

  7. How about we pills the head out the dark. Stop making blue print tanks. Fix mm prem ammo and current tanks in the game.

  8. We all left tanks years ago for Warships due to the money grab mechanics and ridiculous amount of new premium tanks but the same 5 maps… now Warships is going the same way, listen to your customers WG or you will end up in the history books like your content

  9. I really need previous battle p*** 3d styles. Especailly the one is M48 patton 3d style, pipeline

  10. So when can we get a real update on bug fixes and other issues in the game that have been continuously brought up and still no fix in sight? I’m sick of Wargaming wasting time putting in new maps, new tanks, tank lines, and premium tanks when there are issues that have ran off a lot of their core player base! Also why is it that each region has to be exactly the same? Russian region seems to always get what they want! That doesn’t mean NA or EU regions want the same thing! I really want an RNG rework! What’s the point in training your tanks crews to over100% and getting them multiple skills and perks just to have some program say have to full ****** and can’t hit the broadside of a barn! Seriously stop ignoring and running off your core player base just make some new players that won’t be around after a month happy!

  11. Are you talking about Console? Because WOT PC is not cross platform!

  12. I have a question. Does the new line start after the T1 or M6? Originally they listed a Tier 6 Pawlack Tank, now I can find no mention of it, and several sources are saying it starts after as a branch after the M6. Can anyone confirm if the Pawlack was removed or not?

  13. i think the test server might be on the month of february and they will probably release another season of battle p*** and new stages of frontline either steel hunter if i was not mistaken.

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