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Update 1.16: Common Test 2 is Live!

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Join the second Common Test of Update 1.16 to try out the revamped Battle Pass. Season 7 will start in early March, most likely 7 or 14 March, after the release of Update 1.16. As announced by us before, Season 7 will bring a load of new features, but still no announcement of new reward vehicles. Here’s the main changes:

  • The Battle Pass progression system has been reworked. Now the Chapters can be completed in any order. Players can also pause the completion of a Chapter and jump into a different one. Progression of each Chapter is presented in the test version.
  • The rewards for completed Battle Pass Stages will be credited only after selecting a Chapter. Once the Chapter is completed, the next one should be selected.
  • Battle Pass Points can be earned even without selecting a Chapter. Later, they can be invested in the progressions of any Chapter.
  • New unique 2D and progressive styles have been added.
  • For those who complete all three Chapters, a new section of the in-game Store will unlock, where players will be able to purchase various items for Battle Pass Points. Now players will continue to earn Points even after completing all Chapters of Battle Pass. The list of items can be changed.
  • The reward selection screen has been improved and the process for receiving rewards has been simplified further.
  • The “Items for Tokens” section of the in-game Store has been updated.

Battle Pass Season 7

Battle Pass will still consist of three Chapters, and you will need to select one of them to start your progress in the Season. But the way you interact with Chapters will change noticeably. Now, you can complete the Chapters in any order. You can also pause the completion of a Chapter and jump into a different one, choosing in which order to complete Battle Pass and which rewards to earn first. This will save you time and allow you to reach Stages with the most attractive rewards for you in each of the Chapters. Based on your feedback, we’ve also improved the reward selection screen and made it easier to use.

If you play without selecting a Chapter or when it is paused, you will still earn Battle Pass Points, which you can then invest in the selected Chapter. But don’t forget to spend your Points, because at the end of the Season, all unused Battle Pass Points will disappear.

For those dedicated commanders who complete all three Chapters, a new Reward section of the in-game Store will unlock, where you’ll find bonds and rewards from the previous six Seasons. the following categories of items:

  • 3D styles (including progressive ones) for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the previous six Seasons
  • Crew members from the previous six Seasons (but if it was impossible to assign a nation/specialty to a crew member, then it will remain so, as in the case of George Barton and Vasiliy Badaev)
  • Bonds

If you didn’t get some of the prizes from previous Battle Pass launches, you can redeem them in the upcoming seventh Season. If you have already received these rewards, you’ll have the opportunity to redeem bonds instead.

You can get all these items by spending your Battle Pass Points that you earn when completing the three Chapters. You will continue to earn Points for the Reward section according to the standard rules, even after completing three Chapters.

We’ve also updated the “Items for Tokens” section of the in-game Store. During the first Common Test, all the content and prices in this section are test items. There you will find Tier IX vehicles from previous Seasons at a test price of 5 Tokens each.

The seventh Season will feature three new (and iconic!) Battle Pass Core Vehicles:

They will have special rules for obtaining Battle Pass Points. And, of course, you’ll be able to earn three striking progressive styles, one for each Core Vehicle in each Chapter.


Leopard 1


Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of the “Assistance in destroying” tooltip on the Battle Results screen using the radio operator icon instead of the assistance icon.
  • Fixed the issue of the zero perk tooltip missing the information that the perk could not be reset.
  • Fixed the issue of players not receiving a message about saving Field Modification progress and canceling Dual Modification when exchanging a vehicle via Trade-in.
  • Fixed the issue of the reward screen not being displayed after some missions are completed.
  • Fixed some interface and technical issues.

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