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Update 1.16: Battle Pass Season VII

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Starting from March 2, World of Tanks will host Season VII of Battle Pass. It will run for almost three months, until May 30, and will feature several important changes.

Battle Pass Season VII, will include fresh progressive styles, the new Bounty Turbochargertwo brand-new Tier IX tanks in the updated Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store, and much more!

Battle Pass Season VII Summary

  • Battle Pass Season VII kicks off on March 2 and runs until May 30. This is the opening Season of 2022 and the first of the current year in which you can earn Battle Pass Tokens, a special in-game currency.
  • Season VII will consist of three main Chapters you can complete in any order, each comprising 50 Stages. To start completing Stages and earning rewards, select a Chapter. You can also pause the completion of a Chapter and switch to a different one to get your hands on more attractive rewards.
  • An additional time-limited Chapter with a special challenge will become available towards the end of the Season.
  • Perform your best in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles, earn Battle Pass Points, and advance through Progression Stages. You can also earn Battle Pass Points in all in-game modes in which they will be available (including Ranked Battles), as well as by completing Daily Missions with vehicles of any tier.
  • You now earn Battle Pass Points right from the start of the Season, even if you have not selected any Chapters yet. You can choose to invest them in any of the three main Chapters at your discretion later.
  • Don’t forget to spend your Points before the end of the Season to redeem your rewards. Otherwise, all unused Battle Pass Points will disappear!
  • The seventh Season will feature three legendary Battle Pass Core Vehicles: the XLeopard 1 , the XT110E4 , and the XKranvagn . These vehicles can earn up to 1,000 Points instead of 700.
  • With each completed Stage, you’ll earn useful Base Rewards, including days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, Crew Books, and much more. This Season, we added 3 more Battle Pass Tokens to the Base Rewards Track that you can spend on Bounty Equipment or to get a rare Tier IX vehicle faster in a special section of the in-game Store.
  • If you want to get even more rewards, you’ll need an Improved Pass to get the prizes in the Improved Rewards Track, including the brand-new Bounty Turbocharger. The Improved Pass will be available for both gold and real money.
  • You’ll be able to choose one of the three progressive styles for the three Core Vehicles at the beginning of each Chapter. They will change their appearance, and you’ll receive new 2D and 3D elements when you complete certain Progression Stages.
  • After completing each Chapter of the Season, you will receive a unique crew member.
  • In the opening Season of 2022, you can earn a total of 21 Battle Pass Tokens. They will be distributed across both Reward Tracks. Battle Pass Tokens will accumulate throughout the year and can be exchanged for any of seven formidable Tier IX vehicles, including two brand-new tanks, the Cobra and the Lorraine 50 t.

Battle Pass 2022 Token Rewards

You will receive Battle Pass Tokens after completing certain Progression Stages. A total of 21 Tokens will be distributed across both Reward Tracks—12 Tokens among the Base Rewards and 9 more among the Improved Rewards. They can be exchanged for valuable items and rare vehicles in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store. A total of seven rare Tier IX vehicles will be available for exchange, including two brand-new vehicles, the Cobra and the Lorraine 50 t.

The Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store will be available until December 20, 2022. When the Items for Tokens section is closed, all unspent Tokens will be converted to bonds at the rate of 1:100.

Fear not if you can’t get the Cobra straight away, just save the Tokens from Season VII to Season VIII and Season IX. There will be three seasons in 2022 and you can save Tokens between seasons to get the vehicles you want. If you are new to the Battle Pass, read the full article here.

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