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Update 1.12 Common Test: Object 705A Polar Bear 3D Style

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World Of Tanks Battle Pass Season IV will feature a known Soviet heavy tank Object 705A and with it a brand new second 3D style called Polar Bear.


How dare that Welshman laugh at me mixing up whether polar bears lived at the North Pole or the South Pole! He’s the one who’s always asking me about such important things like starting a tank in –30°C, or opening cans without a can opener, or siphoning fuel from the tank with just a straw. He’s an excellent fighter, no doubt, but he wasn’t taught how to survive harsh environmental conditions at his Academy. Well, this is a great example of so-called international exchange of knowledge—survival lessons from me and zoology from him. ‘How aren’t you feeling cold, Badaev?’ Well, go winter fishing in Norilsk often enough, and you won’t either.


2 thoughts on “Update 1.12 Common Test: Object 705A Polar Bear 3D Style

  1. – I hope we can change some things on these styles….. –

  2. I think we need those Harpoon cannons to work so we can nail ebr’s on wall for end of round.

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