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Update 1.12 Common Test: No More Expedition & Reward Tanks

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Wargaming decided to end the Expedition event, instead, we will get Stell Hunter and Frontline Seasons each year, similar to Ranked Battles and no reward vehicles.

Steel Hunter and Frontline will no longer have tokens or any other currency that enables players to exchange them for Tier IX Reward vehicles just like in Expedition 2020.

This decision was made after players complain the event was too long and if they missed one episode, they would lose a tank. In reaction to the criticism, Wargaming as decided to remove Expedition Tokens and Reward Vehicles from these two modes and as an alternative, created a link between these two events and  Battle Pass, allowing players to earn Battle Pass Points and grind the Pass quicker, and possibly get the Reward Tanks using Battle Pass.

But changes don’t end here, and some changes aren’t always for the good. While players will be able to get Battle Pass Points to help with the progress, that doesn’t mean Battle Pass won’t receive any changes too.

Battle Pass Season IV will be announced very soon, and that announcement will include the following details: Battle Pass Stages have increased from 45 to 150, divided into three Chapters. Each Chapter will have 50 stages and its own hero, in this case, the Commander we always see associated with the tanks.

Battle Pass Season I to III had 45 stages that players needed to complete in order to get all the rewards, and 100 optional stages if they wanted to earn Bonds. With Season IV, players will have to complete 50 stages in each Chapter to get all the rewards. No details are known at the moment if the Battle Pass price will stay the same, but I do believe the Points needed to progress between each stage will stay at 50 points. Other changes include the possibility to pick Blueprints for any desired nation, instead of fixed ones, so not everything is bad.

Steel Hunter Season 2021 is already available with Update 1.12 Common Test, and there you can find all the information on how Battle Pass Points will work and be awarded. Please keep in mind the values displayed there are placeholders and they will be different once Update 1.12 is officially released.

These changes could potentially kill these modes for the majority of players or not? While Frontline might still be appealing to earn extra credits, Steel Hunter certainly did lose any objective of existence. Connecting these modes with Battle Pass to change the Battle Pass to an even bigger grind, does seem a bad change for the players. While more rewards will be available, these also demand for more time spent in the game.

Maybe instead of removing the reward vehicles system for good, why not make a rotation system where each Season would have three new vehicles and the previous ones could be available for Bonds? This way, players who missed a vehicle before, could potentially just play Random Battles and grind Bonds at their own pace, and not forcing them to play these two modes if they disliked the idea of commitment or dislike one of the modes.

What do you think? Is removing reward vehicles from these game modes a good change? Is increasing three times the length of Battle Pass a change you as a player was looking for? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.12 Common Test: No More Expedition & Reward Tanks

  1. WG at it’s best. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Instead of improving what was clearly working they remove completely. Well if there aren’t any reward tanks this “Non Expedition” event my appeal to start playing Steel Hunter for more tokens is just out the window.
    Frontline was always helpful on the credit grind and if they don’t change it, that mode at least has some objective for me to pursue. Even these changes of 3 chapters on the BP are a “wait and see2 situation in my opinion.

  2. So we complain about how long it lasted so they made a long lasting event without any tank at the end?

  3. Why they do that, those reward tanks are one of the only reason why we play those mode, we want to grind for free tanks.
    Bad decision, bad idea

  4. Bad idea, really bad idea, this only making lost for the interest of those modes.

  5. Wow did people really complain that much that they couldn’t get 2 reward tanks instead of 1 last expedition season if they missed a few stages? Really? I’m extremely disappointed if WG caved to those crybabies and ruined it for the rest of us. A more cynical part of me thinks that WG would rather not make new tanks for free (which are not premium). Sigh…

  6. Omg man, another nail to the coffin for WG. How to screw up an entire years event by making such decisions?!
    Who cares about the ‘extra’ credits. We all played it for the tanks. Those crying players don’t ‘lose’ a tank. They never earned it!

    Why not go inbetween and let them buy up to 3 tokens for 3000 gold or something so they can still get the tank if they miss a episode. WG just doesn’t think these things through enough. The bond system won’t work either, because then most people will start whining about the fact that bonds are so hard to get (which they ain’t btw) You don’t even have to play toxic Ranked seasons to get a bunch of them.

    Well i guess this is the end of Expedition 2021 for me. And for a lot of players Battlep*** is already useless because a lot of us have already all the tanks they want (if not all the tanks in the tech tree…).

  7. All I can say as a CC is OOF. I feel bad because person though they would be able to get the 4 unique tanks,

  8. What the ****, i do 3 shift work, im single parent and I still got time to play my favorite game and ts just get reward tanks. I love this game, this is my hobby.

  9. WTF, only reason I grind these events was 2 reward wehicles. I realy dont want play it anymore if there will be no such rewards.

  10. So all these recent tier IX tanks in ST, just gonna be stuck in purgatory. That’s cool.

  11. I hope Noone complained about the expedition for your stated reasons, because it was a great concept, that even gave you a free T9 if you missed HALF.

    Of course the question that now remains is: what happens with the T9 rewards in development?
    They certainly added a lot of them recently, if the expedition wasn’t sure to return, they must have had a different concept in mind already.

    My guess is that the battle p*** will now give out T9 reward tanks on completion, because until now, the Battle p*** always lacked that big exclusive item that makes people want to pay for it. A 3d Style didn’t reach that level, but an exclusive T9 definitely would.

  12. The only reason I played SH and FL was to get the reward tanks both modes are extremely boring and repetitive the only saving grace is the extra credits available in FL. If this hold true then as far as I am concerned SH is DEAD no point in playing what is in effect an “app game” within wot for no reward but I will not play ever session of FL either as again its repetitive as I am not that desperate for credits. SH and FL were vehicles that enabled players who did not manage to score reward tanks in CW games to at least get something reasonable from the game, now that has/is being withdrawn I dont see why they would play SH at all though I acknowledge they may still play some FL for credits. Just another example of WG listening to the “few” instead of the many and another shot in the foot from WG, well done guys way to make the game LESS rewarding for the players.

  13. Za mňa teda nieje ok že odstránili možnosť získať tanky čo bolo motiváciou to hrať. A predĺženie battle p*** predĺžiť tiež sa mi to nepáči bolo to podľa mňa veľmi dobre nastavené ako to bolo.

  14. Ah yes, another great decision made by WG. The only reason I grinded Steel Hunter was for the tokens so I could get the tanks. With that out the window there’s no reason to play that mode anymore for me. Frontline, I will play anyway, as it’s a really good credit farm.

    I also agree with what you mentioned at the end, by making a system that rotates tanks, and allows last “season” tanks be available for bonds.

  15. Wargaming has no shame, no brain, and if you are paying for these ideas you are throwing money away, they do not listen to the players or only those who lick their ***, it is disappointing to see how the game has fallen out of favor in recent years.

  16. I think it’s a bad idea. No more reason to play these modes. No more “free” tank: no tankrewards, no tier IX reward tanks.

  17. wargaming being wargaming. they should’ve done it so we could miss at least 2 episodes and make up for it later.

  18. Every single Free to Play players are going to say, the only reason they play these modes is only for the main reward.
    It is fun only for a couple of battles, once you get to the point where this is no longer fun and turn into more of a chores that they have to do, the only thing that keeping them staying is the main rewards, without those most people are going to stop playing and ultimately killing it.

  19. There are many avid gamers who indulge in WoT. Wargaming is a company that has only one p***ion: Money. And here is the problem
    Harkonnen’s proposal looks good, so the management of that company should heed it.
    The vast majority of players are in fact collectors, so the reward tanks are very appealing.
    But not all players are “Geeks” or “No Life” and spending endless time on each of the modes and in the end only receiving crumbs can not make them happy. This is the reason why a large number of people moan …
    Rather than removing these reward tanks, which regulars (Nolife or others) can receive for free, it would be good to allow all players to obtain these reward tanks through any means such as: Gold, Bonds, Credits or Real Money.
    I think wargaming should align its policy with that of the Chinese company kongzhong. Perhaps there would be less frustration …

  20. Im affraid that the plan is that you have to play random+fl+sh for season p***. 3 stages seems obvious.

  21. Let us wait until Battle P*** is revealed… Who knows, they might actually release reward tanks within that mode? Especially if your progress in SH and FL counts towards your BP progress? Let’s be patient and we might get pleasantly surprised…

  22. That’s what they did, they made it possible to get 1 tank if you miss half the stages. What more can people as for? They had to reward people who play all the stages otherwise the last few episodes people would stop playing the game modes and those that still need tokens wouldn’t be able to play to get them. I thought giving 2 tanks for playing all episodes and 1 tank if you skipped some stages was a perfect compromise. However, according to the article it looks like A LOT of people still complained about it and ruined it for the rest of us. Some people will just never be satisfied. I just wish WG ignored those whiners.

  23. Definitely not, a decision like this isn’t made spontaneously. They probably have some other way of implementing those tanks in mind, my guess is through the Battle P***.

  24. Tier IX tanks in Battle P***? No way! They won’t be giving away Tier IX for “free” so easily…

  25. This is the only reason i play this game. The game is sooooo unbalanced and WG is trying to make this game pay to win more and more, then make wot same as blitz. And how arent people getting in time to play stell hunter every month they are probably kids that beg thei parents to give them money. And Harkonnen you are just paying for the game and WG gave a free account with everything if you played the game before I think you forgot how grinding for tier 10 is hard. I basiclly wasted 1-2 years of my life and I have only 1 tier 10 tank and few tier 8 but people who just pay for the game they can just take a premium tank and play with him only and then they can convert combat experience then use free exp to get to tier 10.

  26. oh cool, i dont have to play this special matches anymore… thx wargaming 🙂

  27. Well to be honest getting Tier IX from the expedition was actually pretty easy, just time consuming! Same would apply if they put them at tier 150 of the new battle p*** system, however exactly that will look like.
    It would be following the battle p*** concepts of WOT console and War Thunder, and to some extent the dockyard events from WOWS, that have some similarities to a “battle p***”

    If something like that doesn’t happen, we could really end up not seing many of these tanks for a long time, but I doubt they’ll waste all the effort that they have already put into the models 🙂

  28. Harkonnen: That could be why they’re making Battle P*** so much longer. So there’ll be a m***ive grind for anybody trying to get a free tank out of it.

  29. What happens to the T9 tanks in development?

    Probably WG starts doing in WOT what they’ve already done in WOWS for a while: directly selling T9 premiums for cash.

  30. Steel hunter is boring, frontline is boring. Why grind if the grind isn’t fun.

  31. IMO, SH was so awful, I didn’t play, knowing it would cost me the tokens to get a reward tank.

  32. I personally love Steel Hunter. It’s much more fun to dominate in a FFA, than to rely on a moronic team that sniffs glue on a daily basis.

  33. Why should I buy a season p*** if I can make worth of it only to about 30%?

    The last season p*** grind was acceptable in reaching the regular end. But now three times the effort till the end???

    No thank you.

  34. This is not great. Like you mention Harkonen we loose many things. The tanks are great and it’s in some way another type of personal mission were everypeople can finish it.

    However it’s true that very time consuming but the solution is maybe to make a lot of reward. You have to make it difficult for the T9 reward but easier for some T8 or T7. People will may be satisfied because they have a reward wich is easy.

    I understand the point of view of WG to modify FL and Sh but removing all the reward is removing 10 or 15% or they playerbase.

    They have their stats they know more things about they game but common let the reward for the farmers and create new one for the others

  35. this really sucks. the expedition was one of the best modes. why are you people complaining? it was fun, you get special tanks, you can earn credits fast. leave it to one complainer and its all gone…..

  36. Good thing about it I would not have to play Steel Hunter anymore. And Frontline I would play less, but that’s actually a mode I enjoyed to some extent.

  37. no devieron quitar los veiculos de recompensa por esos llorones de mierda si pudo alcanzar sera para la otra pues llorones

  38. Frontline is ok lot of confusion during gameplay but u can earn a lot if credits when activating a credit booster like from 150k to 600k per game …
    Steel hunter boooorrrring

    betrer remove Chief, 907, Vk and other T10 vehicles from random MM against T8 or to be paired with oposing team Chief, 907 average player without clan can not get that vehilces or sell them for bonds

  39. I stopped playing, after the ui Overhaul. 80+ days of premium i paid for, lost. You turned it from a great game, to a absolute **** show overnight.

  40. I love Frontlines, as its fun and casual, with same tier tanks and loads of credits. Its not frustrating like the Turbo one-sided randoms, and I don’t have to suffer +2 MM in my tier 8s. Sh*t Hunter is meh, but still playable for some rewards. I wish WG would develop a regular mode akin to Frontlines mechanics, i.e., larger maps, re-spawn and repair with objectives. If people call FL repetitive, how the hell are they playing their 50 thousandth Random battle on Provorovka? how is that not repetitive?? I mean this game is meant to be repetitive as you have a bunch of maps, and you are playing thousands and thousands of games on those maps. On small random maps, u have even less options than on a larger FL map.

  41. Well you do have to play TX & tbf i don’t enjoy losing money so nop, not for me

  42. All I can say, is the tomatoes and snowflakes are what is killing this game. if they (snowflakes / sub 5k PR players) cant get something just for hitting the battle button, they run to the forums, and whine..even have some in here that are probably the little )(&T&^(TG that screw the game and modes for everybody else… if they spent less time playing the cancel culture crap, and more time actually trying to be decent.

  43. Won’t even be participating in Steel Hunter this year than, only Frontline, guess it’ll be 1 person short in the que, what a terrible decision by WG…

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