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Update 1.12 Common Test: Battle Pass Season 4 Tanks

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World of Tanks Update 1.12 Common Test is ready for download and it will bring the much anticipated Battle Pass Season IV.

Our previous information about the tanks was incorrect, but with the release of the Common Test, we are now able to confirm the next tanks: Object 705A, T110E3 and 121. The new styles are progressive, meaning, parts of the style will unlock at different stages of the Battle Pass.

With the new vehicles, there will also be three new Commanders to pick, we still don’t know details if we can pick just one or more!

As announced during the Stream of the Year, Battle Pass will now feature three classes of tanks: Heavy Tank, Medium Tank and Tank Destroyer.

Let us know if any of these three tanks are interesting for you to purchase the Battle Pass, or if you would like to see others?

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15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.12 Common Test: Battle Pass Season 4 Tanks

  1. Jesus why the 121. It is horrible. They should add the possibility to buy any 3D Skin you want (ofc not the campaing exclusives) if you dislike the ones you can get.

  2. Did not expect that! 3 styles that haven’t been in the game yet? I mean I like it, I just wonder what will happen with the 268 v 4, Badger and Type 5 Heavy skins that have all been leaked alongside the Holiday Ops skins. Maybe they’ll just sell them outright, would not have a problem with that.

  3. Common test client ready for download? not really, images for 3d skins in 100×100 pixels? u could have waited with news….

  4. Remember buddy that it’s only gonna be first Battle P*** of 2021, technically should be 2 more season this year… Could very well be Badger in one season, Bobject in the other, Type 5 can fit in either upcoming seasons too. Just gonna be a matter of finding 2 mediums and another heavy that hasn’t got a style yet…

  5. Do you get tank as reward with 3d style as well? Or you gotta get it regular way

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