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Update 1.12 Common Test: 121 Icebreaker 3D Style

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Third but not least, the Chinese Tier X medium tank 121 will also be part of the Battle Pass Season IV and with it, we will get a brand new 3D style named Icebreaker!


The more time passes, the more I think that those two are not ones to follow regulations. They’re a couple of loners always playing pranks on each other as if we’ve got nothing better to do. We’re not having a barbecue party on the face of Mount Emei… Here, where every day might be our last, these two are fooling around like little kids. I have two sons back in Mianyang, so I feel like I’m home since there’s not too much difference. On the other hand, I know that serious training is hiding behind this tomfoolery. If the situation calls for it, I’m sure that these two will do whatever it takes. Hopefully, it won’t be necessary, and this expedition will be a voyage of discovery… Because the further we go into the white void, the less I believe we have a chance to return home. Well, go winter fishing in Norilsk often enough, and you won’t either.

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  1. I wished they go for a T-59 Iraq style, but this skin doesn’t seem to appeal at all.

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