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Update 1.12: Battle Pass Season IV Coming in March

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Have you been wondering when the newest Battle Pass Season will begin?

World of Tanks Update 1.12 Common Test will soon be released and with it, Steel Hunter game mode for Expedition 2021 and Battle Pass Season IV will also be available!

The improved Battle Pass will be yet another flagship of the upcoming update, this time players will be able to fight between two tanks, but three: Heavy Tank, Medium Tank, Tank Destroyer!

Another change we will see with the latest Battle Pass will be the 3D Styles. Instead of earning them at the last stage, players will be able to get them sooner and each key stage they achieve, the style will change, with elements added to the style.

This way, the style acts as a way of showing your progress on the Battle Pass and it will be complete once you reach the maximum level!

Eager for the latest Battle Pass? Let us know if you like the changes from 2 to 3 tanks and the fact the styles will be progressive in the comment section!

14 thoughts on “Update 1.12: Battle Pass Season IV Coming in March

  1. More variety is good imo, unless its russian heavies. 😛
    And making the style progressive makes it more accessible to more players, imo.

    1. Well what is news on obj 268 v5 this tank being mentioned for black market or is it possible being earned elsewhere possible

  2. Were is FRRROOOOOONT LINEEEEERE??????!!!!!!!
    They put the most least popular mode back in and no frontline?

    1. Frontlines can stay gone, they get very boring and repetitive very quickly, just 2 maps and the tactics are the same every battle, and don’t use the credits as a excuse because I have earned the same if not more credits in a standard battle on many occasions

  3. Sounds very interesting! If the progression system for the 3d style works well, it could also be a way to let people choose what part of the style they want to use in the end, many people that don’t like the exaggerated look of some styles would sure love that feature

  4. Wait for them to monetise these progressive decals, £16 for a tier 10 3d style now, future will be £16 for the base style, and £8 for each additional feature, just you wait.

    Also rather dumb the wait for the next pass, a full 3 months? what a joke

  5. I think having 3 to chose from is more incentive to buy the premium battle pass because you are getting 2 extra instead of just 1

  6. So no 268v4 and badger anymore but medium, heavy and td? Anyone knows which tanks?

  7. Seems like you now can buy 2 (in words TWO) improved battles Passes.

  8. CS-63, 121, AM30B, T62A, CAX and Carro don’t have 3D Skins atm.
    I think we can cross out AMX30B and T62A since no tank which is not in the Techtree has a 3D Skin.

    I’m hoping for CS63 since the others are rather unpopular. CAX is unlikely if Badger gets a skin.

    What keeps me wondering is that they already anounced Badger and Bobject.

    So whats the heavy tank? Might be Type 5 since they already teasered it which would be a shame. But the other options are also trash AMX M4, 113 (which i doubt), 705A and ST II.

    1. Also would be interesting to know whether WG would give 3d styles to tanks that only had one as part of events (Halloween styles for E50M and Leo1)?
      And I think Badger vs Bobject was only a leak. If they do mix classes per season then it would make sense to release them in consecutive seasons.

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