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Update 1.11: Carro 45 t Final Changes

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Update 1.11 brought some more changes to the upcoming Italian Tier X Clan Wars reward medium tank: Carro 45 t. The vehicle is now completely ready for release, and players who want it will have to fight for their reward during January Clan Wars event!

  • Name changed from Carro da Combattimento 45t to Carro Combattimento 45 t.
  • Vehicle Gold price changed from 100 to 22,500 .
  • Gun Depression changed from -8 deg to -9 deg.
  • Terrain resistance changed from 0.9/1.2/2.3 to 0.8/0.9/1.8.
  • Engine Power changed from 720 h.p. to 800 h.p.
  • Specific Power changed from 16.00 h.p./t to 17.78 h.p./t

Remember, the vehicle will be a Clan Wars reward, so if you want you will have to either place in the usual Top to be able to buy it for bonds or play five battles and place a bet in the Auction, if the rules don’t change in this event of course. We will have to wait until January to know more.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.11: Carro 45 t Final Changes

  1. Again its ptw and gun depression were the only balancing factors and of course they buffed them . What complete bs. Whatever wot is a joke now anyway.

  2. Still looks bad, worse dispersion, mobility than 65 intra-clip is 4 sec so you can’t really burst, and shell velocity is only 66% of the 65. Casing around the gun manlet as an angle to it so you can always pen it when its using its gun depression, and the cheeks are weak if they turn the turret always from you, you can always pen it, even when they use gun depression just press 2.

    But I could be wrong and be missing somthing.

  3. I should equip it with turbo (in slot), bounty vents and bounty stabilizer, and than use it’s gun depression. This tank looks extremely good.

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