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Update 1.11.1 Review: Italian Heavy tanks and Platoon 2.0

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Update 1.11.1 is coming on 27 January, on Europe Region, a day before on Americas and Asia Region! Take high-tier Italian heavies for a spin, and check out the Platoon 2.0 system with new features that will help you search for platoon mates right from the comfort of your Garage. The update will be refining in-game interfaces and adding some of the best features from popular mods to World of Tanks.


4 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1 Review: Italian Heavy tanks and Platoon 2.0

  1. Cant believe that they didn’t make any changes to the Rino. Even just reducing its reload by a second or so. Another trash line…

  2. Sad the Rhino is junky in release as it was in test server. Poor tier X product, poor future crew changes….what’s next WG? Going to goof up the matchmaker more than it is today or buff wheeled vehicles ??

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