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Update 1.11.1 Common Test: Type 5 Heavy 3D Style

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Update 1.11.1 Common Test was released today, introducing Italian heavy tanks, Platoon System 2.0 and a few other UI improvements. But underneath the surface, there is always some hidden things introduced and as usual, we can find them.

A brand new 3D style has been sneaked into the game, this time for the big Japanese heavy tank: Type 5 Heavy! “Kaiju”, will be a 3D style players will be able to get, how, we still don’t know, but my suspicions tell me this could be one of the upcoming 3D Styles for the Battle Pass. The name is quite fitting, both for the tank and the style. Featuring Wargaming favourites anti-aircraft guns, as the tank is quite big, we got plenty of those all around the vehicle, together with flamethrowers and some other nice features the style is quite imposing.

‘Kaiju’ Description

Brave warriors! The day we’ve been preparing for our whole lives is coming. Tomorrow begins the battle that will engrave our names in eternity. Today, we decide who remains in the memory of their descendants. Our ancestors are looking down on us and they expect us not to muddy our people’s honour with shame. Charge into battle decisive and unrelenting! And when you face your enemy, forget mercy, for a true Kaiju feels no sorrow, forgives no mistakes and shows no weakness.

What do you think? Will the style be for upcoming Battle Pass and would you be interested in it? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1 Common Test: Type 5 Heavy 3D Style

  1. Think the small dual-mounts might be the 13.2mm Type 93 AA guns, while the big one ontop might be a Vickers QF-2 Pdr MK. II “Pom-Pom”.

  2. Gonna make the top more visible like the one on the Maus for those that have that one. Should ask some of them if it makes turret hit more common for better or worse.

  3. Styles don’t change anything on the vehicle, so it won’t get spotted earlier, etc. 🙂 But these AA on top of tanks just block the view… hate them tbh.

  4. If the battle p*** is this and another super heavy its gonna be a long few months. Only upside would be a ton of Japanese fragments.

  5. whats with all these huge machine gun mounts? This and maus are so annoying as they block the view so much. it doesnt make the skin anymore cool either

  6. Is it just me, or does this entire article never mention what game this is an update to?

  7. The 3D styles are getting worse and worse. Totally over the top and and off the wall. Why can’t they keep them realistic, like for the tier X Chieftain, and still make them look good? The only concept WG seems to be having about 3D skins is to slap a ton of huge AA guns on them. What ****ing kids are designing these skins?

  8. SO BORING, Always a machine gun turret and this is the ugliest of the lot. If it was a kaiju why not give it some cool look like the Udes?

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