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Upcoming Special Event: Under The Hammer

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Yet again, Wargaming leaks information on its own by mistake. This time was the World of Tanks ASIA team, publishing a video before it’s supposed to go live. WOT Express was quick enough to catch it and download it and release it again, but Wargaming has in the mean while released the articles as a response to the leak.

A brand new event called Under The Hammer will be coming next week, from January 14 through January 19. The event will bring five rare vehicles for auction, and players will have to place bids in Free Experience or Gold, depending on the region they are from. ASIA will be for Free Experience only, all other regions will be able to place bids in Gold too, to try and get the rare and unique vehicles

Very similar to what we usually see in the Black Market, where you place a bid and the top ones within the available number of tanks, will win it. What is new in this event is the Free Experience, never before have we seen an auction where you can use Free Experience to get a vehicle in an auction!

The video shows us several clues, but so far none of them seems to be clear enough for us to understand what possible vehicles we will see. Could the numbers under the hammer refer to the Tier of each tank? 10, 8, 10, 8, 10? Could the 53.6 in the first object relate to its reload time?

Free Experience is a good resource to have, helps unlock those painful stock tanks and get them straight away into decent status or they help you out grind that horrible Tier VIII you are grinding. Whatever the reason you might want to use it, will be it be something you would use to get a “rare” vehicle in World of Tanks? Let us know what you think of the clues and what possible rare vehicles we will see up for auction!

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15,466 thoughts on “Upcoming Special Event: Under The Hammer

  1. Great, I’ve just spent over 120k free XP on tier 9 tank modules 3 days ago…

  2. 53.6 is 268 divided by 5 so maybe obj268/5? the triangle could mean its a TD

  3. Well now i may have some use for the 2.7 million free exp that i dont have **** to do

  4. No way on the Quilin, that is a Faberge egg made for the Russian royal family, Day 5 is tier 10 Object 780 (egg-shaped turret)

  5. Free experience only for Asia? Yeah, I’m about done with this game. I’ve got 300k gold and recently spent around 1.5m free exp on researching 2 t9s, and fully upgrading all tanks in my garage with field mods. Wg can eat it then. I’m never spending another cent on this pos.

  6. This is coming at a bad time for me as I did play for the Xmas, New Years Arnold event and spent all my Free Experience and most of my credits on the “free” and reduced price tanks on the tech tree. I used most of my gold converting the experience.
    But in an unrelated topic I placed the female crew members they gave with Cobra Commander in the M4 Sherman (Which I painted in Cobra’s colors) since they have the same realism level and heck Eva North’s blue uniform is the same color as Cobra Commander’s.

  7. I don’t see them putting anime tanks into this game……
    The parchment envelope has a crest or watermark on the upper left hand corner area which looks like some kind of double eagle most likely Russian….

  8. U cannot imagine that it will make a lot of difference. Using free experience these things will go for prices inflated by people like me that have been playing for years have most of the tanks and have also accumulated 3/4 of a million free experience and I have many friends with more. Some with a lot more than that. I used to have 1.5 million myself but I went nuts grinding the modules of the vehicles I couldn’t stand. I doubt 120,000 wouldn’t even touch the sides of the bids I expect they will get..

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