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Under the Hammer: What Tanks Could Be Auctioned?

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In a few days, Under the Hammer, the event that most probably will replace Black Market, is scheduled to start. The teasing video published by Wargaming, has left players looking for all the clues to try and find what vehicles could be in the auction!

After analysing all the clues, what other blogs say and a lot of discussion in our Discord Server, we believe the following tanks could be coming up for auction:

  1. Tier X – Object 268 Version V
  2. Tier VIII – T95E2
  3. Tier X – 113 Beijing Opera
  4. Tier VIII – Type 59 Gold
  5. Tier X – WZ-111 Qilin

How did we come up with this list? Here’s how:

  1. The “triangle” with 53.6 inside! The triangle is the symbol for Tank Destroyers and 268 divided by 5, gives us 53.6!
  2. The envelope is used for the Referral Program, the first ever Referral tank was the T95E2. It’s not a common tank, its rare in fact.
  3. The small binoculars are used in the opera! This again was an “easy” clue to follow, but there is a big problem: 113 Beijing Opera doesn’t have a 3D model in the game client and its labelled a Premium! Most likely this will change with the micro-patch just before the event starts.
  4. The book with a mark and a Gold watch in it was, and is, a tricky one. We believe to be the Type59 Gold, because it was the first tank to ever be “marked” for removal from the Premium Shop, got “marked” as a special vehicle and the gold watch hints into possibly being the “rich” version of the famous vehicle. Also, the “Hare” is a nickname given to Type 59 in the Chinese region!
  5. The Faberge Egg has always been linked to last year Black Market “new unique vehicle”, WZ-111 Qilin! It seems to be an easy guess?

Of course the above list is what we speculate, but could we be close enough to the real list? Each auction will be available for around 24 hours, plenty of time to think if you want to take a chance or not! But remember, some rare and unique vehicles aren’t that rare and unique. Make sure you don’t waste Gold or Free Experience in something that you might end up not really using.

What vehicles you believe could be coming for auction? Is this kind of event something you like or is this clearly aimed to all the players who invest money in the game during the Holiday Ops? Let us know in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Under the Hammer: What Tanks Could Be Auctioned?

  1. Not sure for the Type 59 gold. There is more hint for the EBR 75. Color of the book : French nation, Rabbit : fast and agile and Watch : fastest tier 8.

  2. nothing i want..never seen the T95E2 in game so that tells you something and its not because its rare.. I have the Type 59 basic & 268.4 so i don’t need the others. The 113 is sitting in my collectors area so i can get it when ever.. Don’t need a fire breathing tank.. i save gold & what ever for the Black Market if there’s anything good.

  3. well i dont want to wait for buying obj 268 v5 cause if it free xp for lets say 500k and they only sell 10k of them then you need to act quick to buy it or they sell it for 75k gold

  4. “The Faberge Egg has always been linked to last year Black Market “new unique vehicle”, WZ-111 Qilin!”

    Any reference? on what basis? dude…

  5. Obj 268 V is actually a T-10 with 152mm guns, similar to the 114 SP2. Nothing like the obj 268 v4

  6. A hare with a pocket watch reminds me of Aliced in wonderland. That hare was in a hurry, and that gives me vibes for EBR 75(fl)…

  7. I have heard it said (in this article as well I believe) that this event may well replace BM this year or every year… However in the interests of fairness I was discussing this on the forums and when I compared the two events one of the community mangers very clearly stipulated that WG have no control over BM and that it is not their event to cancel, so?????

  8. Nice info but in WG video there is binoculars 2nd and envelope 3rd. Since there is hint 10-8-10-8-10 binoculars is hint for tier 8 and envelope for tier 10.

  9. I believe Panhard had a rabbit and turtle mascot at one point, so the book and pocket watch could very well be linked to the EBR 75!

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