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Under the Hammer: Fourth Deal Revealed

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From January 14–19, you will have a chance to receive very rare vehicles for gold or Free Experience. For this, you’ll need to make a bid at a special auction and win.

The item of the day is the WZ-111 Qilin, a Tier X Chinese heavy tank!

RegionMinimum BidIn Stock
EU17,400 Gold5,500
ASIA220,000 Free Experience2,000

How It Works

  1. From January 14 through January 19, visit the new Under the Hammer! section in the in-game Store, or take a look at the pop-up in the lower-right corner in the Garage.
  2. Every day at 10:00 CET, a new lot will be displayed there. You will see how many items are available, as well as the lot’s starting price in gold or Free Experience.
    Remember: If the cost is specified in gold, Free Experience is not accepted, and vice versa.
  3. Make a bid that you are ready to pay. This amount will be deducted from your account.
  4. Only one lot will be available for Free Experience during the auction. If an item is sold for Free Experience, you will see a competitive bid when the number of bids on it exceeds the number of items. What is it? As many highest bids are accepted as there are available items: the one in the middle of this list is the competitive one. If you make a competitive bid (or even outbid it), you can count on winning the auction.
  5. Bids are accepted until 06:00 CET of the next day after the announcement of the lot. Until that time, you can change your bid as many times as you like—you can even cancel it. If you cancel a bid, the gold/XP will be returned to your account. Bids will be returned and lots will be credited to the auction winners within four hours after the end of accepting bids.
  6. The number of winning bids is determined by the number of available items. If the number of highest bids exceeds the number of remaining vehicles, the earliest bids will be given priority among others of the same value.

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