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Under the Hammer: All Deals Revealed

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Curious about the upcoming Under the Hammer deals? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer to know them!

  • Deal I:  Object 268 Version 5, Tier X Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • Deal II: 113 Beijing Opera Tier X Chinese Heavy Tank
  • Deal III: AMBT, Tier VIII American Medium Tank (3 Shell Autoreloading Gun)
  • Deal IV: Type 59 Gold, Tier VIII Chinese Medium Tank
  • Deal V: WZ-111 Qilin, Tier X Chinese Heavy Tank

The Chinese region, which now has the same events as other regions and is managed by Wargaming directly, will not get the 113 Beijing Opera, but instead the dreaded German Tier X WT 12 tank destroyer! The WT 12 is a clone of the Waffentrager auf E 100 (P) Mod, with a special camouflage, the vehicle will not be available in other regions. The vehicle has been added to all regions but only the Chinese region will get the tank model.

Two brand new vehicles will be available for the first time, the Soviet tank destroyer Object 268 Version 5 that has been in the game files for a long time and the American AMBT, sneaky Premium tank that was introduced to the game without any Supertest stage just before the Holiday Ops 2022.

Prepare your Gold and Free Experience, if any of these vehicles are interesting for you, you will have to outbid the other players! The most interesting vehicles will certainly be the Soviet tank destroyer for Collectors and the AMBT as the first autoreloader for the American nation, and at least for now, only available in the event!

But are they worth it for you? Do you have to collect them all or do you just want the opportunity to grab a Premium tank that few players will have? Let us know in the comment section.

1.15_6 Micropatch Vehicle Changes

Object 268 Version 5

  • Tags removed: “Secret” and “Private“.
  • Dispersion when turning the turret (max.) from 0.16 (3.00) to 0.20 (3.75)
  • Rate of fire: from 3.40 to 3.19
  • Reload time: from 17.64 to 18.79 s
  • Aiming time: from 2.59 to 2.88 s
  • Average damage per minute: from 2,551 to 2,395
  • Average damage per minute by a high-explosive shell: from 3,741 to 3,512

113 Beijing Opera

  • Added the tank model for all regions.
  • Tags removed: “Secret” and “Private“.
  • Tank Status has been changed: from “Premium” to “Promotional
  • Added Tank tag: “Unique“.
  • Vehicle price changed from 25,000 to 5 Gold
  • The cost of repairing the tank changed from 16,100 to 27,600 credits.


  • Tags removed: “Secret” and “Private“.
  • Vehicle price changed from 100 to 9,850
  • Rate of fire changed from 4.47 to 5.21
  • Reload time of the first loaded shell changed from 19.18 to 18.22 s
  • Reload time of the second loaded shell changed from 15.34 to 14.38 s
  • Reload time of the third loaded shell changed from 13.42 to 11.51 s
  • Reload time of an entire magazine changed from 50.00 tp 46.00 s
  • Aiming time changed from 2.88 to 2.59 s
  • Average damage per minute changed from 1 609 to 1,877

15,466 thoughts on “Under the Hammer: All Deals Revealed

  1. Interesting how AMBT again has the italian philosophy with it’s autoreloader.
    Only Russians can get more DPM the drier the clip is !
    Not biased at all.

    BTW, Thanks for all your work Harkonen.

  2. wz 111 5a like a wz 111 QILIN copy paste only 3d camo no more,113 BO like a 113 copy paste only Camo no other 268 5 new maybe good,good only AMBT

  3. Day 4 won’t be Type 59G since it is the one in Chinese server, and that tank won’t be sold there. Just the color of the book, it’s a Franch tank, maybe EBR

  4. First contract: 113 BO. So, WG expects players to buy an old techtree tank with their own 2D style + funny look 100% crew from the starting offer 18700 gold … its not stupid asking for money, it’s just stupid to pay..and I think there’s more than one a player who pays tens of thousands of gold for this one

  5. On asia server this is a bunch of crap
    you can only bid with XP…. can’t do it with gold. Only long time players with a lot of XP are going to have a chance.
    And I don’t want to convert gold to XP (which WG would love).
    Just a farce.

  6. I think the Lorraine 50t is a contender for the auctions. Has been in the game files for a while and never been mentioned by WG.

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