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Two Months of Daily Bounce – 100,000 Visitors

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick post about the blog. I’ve started The Daily Bounce two months ago and it’s been a surprise for me how it’s going. In over two months the blog reached the 100,000 visitors mark. It’s still small numbers compared to others, but we are getting there.Daily viewers are increasing every day and more and more positive feedback has been reaching me, this makes me fell proud of the blog. With this, I just want to say:

Thank you everyone!

P.S.: Don’t forget to share with your friends.

15,466 thoughts on “Two Months of Daily Bounce – 100,000 Visitors

  1. Awesome work, Harko! It’s been a pleasure to read you so far and thank you for all your support to our little project! 🙂

  2. Congrats!

    Finally someone after the FTR closed get so goot blok together, ritastatus report its good bud its like meh nothing too special. But your blok is awsome, nice looking goot content and stuf (may be a little bit more wows here) but it come to personal preferences.

    Keep the good work going!!

  3. This is the best blog for WoT and WoWs. FTR was good indeed, in fact great, however i was missing WoWs info (was there WoWs at that time?). Your style is closer to SS, especially with striking out text (i love that). Wish you 1M visitors soon.

  4. I discovered this site absolut two Werks ago because silent Stalker mantioned it somewhere and I’m glad he did. I just want to Thank you for your effort.

    It’s a very good blog with good Artikels, very informative and you are providing the news pretty quick.

    TLDR: Thank you, you do a really good job

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