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Trading Caravan: Get Deals for In-Game Currency!

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The special Trading Caravan game event will take place from February 15 through February 20. For five days, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on many bundles with Premium and special vehicles (including for credits), 2D and 3D styles, improved equipment, and other game goodies. Items from the Trading Caravan will include rental vehicles so you can take new tanks for a spin!

You will also have a chance to grab the Kirovets-1, a newly released Tier VIII Premium Soviet heavy tank, a Premium IS-3 without a pike nose. The bundles will be available only in the game client for credits, gold, and bonds – many of them with discounts that you can increase.

Event Overview

From February 15 through February 20, visit the special section for the game event using the banner in the Garage or via the tab in the in-game Store. After entering the section, you will find a bundle available for credits, gold, or bonds. What’ll it be? It will always be a surprise—all bundles are randomly generated. They may include:

  • Premium Vehicles
  • Special Vehicles (T-22 medium, Foch 155, etc)
  • Premium and special vehicles for a 7-day rental (rental vehicles don’t include a crew)
  • Popular 2D and 3D styles
  • Improved equipment
  • 180 and 360 days of WoT Premium Account
  • Other in-game goodies

The good news is that you will only get bundles with the vehicles and styles that you do not have on your account yet. This makes the event a good opportunity to grab some Premium/Special vehicle you been await for a long time with a somewhat decent discount or for a currency that suits you better.

If your don’t like a particular bundle, you can replace it with a new one containing other items using the Shuffle button. Any bundle can be shuffled three times a day for free. After that, each subsequent shuffle will cost 75,000 Credits. Shuffled offers are also generated randomly, so you might receive duplicates of what you received earlier.

You can also save bundles that you like to your Save for later list. The tabs of this section can store up to six items at the same time. Once the limit is reached, you will be able to add new items to Save for later by replacing the old ones. When adding a new item, the oldest ones (by time saved) or those out of stock will be automatically removed from your Save for later list.

Get a Discount

Many bundles from the Trading Caravan will come with starting discounts. To increase discounts up to 25%, vote for them! You can vote for each bundle once throughout the event. In total, you can vote for five bundles per day. So decide for yourself which items to vote for! The more players vote for a particular item, the bigger the discount it will get!

Hover over an item’s current discount to see if it can be increased further. You will always see discounted items that other players have voted for.

Item Stock

Wargaming introduced an artificial mechanism to get players to buy at the highest price possible, by introducing a stock indicator that will not show you the exact number of bundles available, but will try to “push” players into buying before it runs out of stock.

Next to each bundle, you will see a special bar divided into three segments that displays the status of items in stock:

  • The bar is filled means that many items are in stock.
  • Two out of three segments are filled means the item is in demand.
  • Only one segment is filled means the item is running out—grab it before it’s gone!

Keep checking your Save for later list to see whether the discounts on items have changed and whether they are in demand. Adding an item to Save for later does not mean that it will always be available.

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