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TOG II*: Black Knight Edition

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When we thought Wargaming would never release such a tank again, we are now hit with another incoming Premium: TOG II* Black Knight Edition. Could the battlefields have such a majestic tank? Do we deserve such a tank? After all, TOG II* is Life!

TOG II Black Edition 2
TOG II* Black Knight Edition by KazumiH

What it started has a joke, quickly turned into a reality and even faster into a mega troll. No, Wargaming isn’t releasing a TOG II* Black Knight Edition, this is a creation of KazumiH, a World of Tanks player from the EU Server. She created this skin after we joked about what could we see next in the game, and I said we needed a TOG II* Black Edition. Massive thanks to her!

She did an amazing work with it, so I’ve decided to share a couple of pictures on Twitter just to troll the Community. Turns out there is a real demand for it, but fear not you don’t need to buy one. All you have to do is download the skin and install it, but remember, you need to own the Majestic TOG II* before you can upgrade it to the Black Knight Edition.


Please remember to save a copy of the original files before replacing. The skin works together with in-game camouflages, for a full black tank you should remove any camouflage from the tank.

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15,466 thoughts on “TOG II*: Black Knight Edition

  1. But others won’t see your glory, that’s what we pay for! Basking in the gazes of others!

  2. You are giving ideas to WG.

    PS: I with they give the TOG 20km/h top speed 🙁

  3. [after slicing one of the Black Knight’s ammorack off] 
    Conqueror: Now stand aside, worthy adversary! 
    Black Knight: ‘Tis but a scratch! 
    Conqueror: A scratch? Your ammorack’s off! 
    Black Knight: No, it isn’t. 
    Conqueror: What’s that, then? 
    Black Knight: [after a pause] I’ve had worse. 
    Conqueror: You liar! 
    Black Knight: Come on, you pansy! 

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