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Supertest: TL-1 LPC – American Tier VIII Premium

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Last but not least, a third a vehicle is entering Supertest today: TL-1 LPC, Tier VIII American Premium medium tank, roughly what it looks like a T95 hull with an M48 turret.

The mobility’s pretty good: a power-to-weight ratio of 18 hp per ton allows for a top speed of 50 km/h. Next, the front armour—it’s good, too, with the plates’ thickness reaching up to 177 mm for the turret and up to 88 for the hull. Plus, the plates are sloped at an impressive angle. As for the other characteristics: the cupola is rather small; the gun’s depression angle is -9 degrees; the hit points amount to 1,400.

Another strength of this vehicle is its 90-mm gun, with an aiming time of 2.1 seconds, dispersion of 0.35 m at 100 m, and a rate of fire of 7.14 rounds per minute. The alpha has been increased to 280 points which is outstanding for its calibre and allows to leave cover less often. The armour penetration is 208 mm for a standard armour-piercing round and 280 mm for a special HEAT round.

In battle, the TL-1 LPC performs just as a medium should: fire support and flanking. However, the decent armour and hit points allow for more daring actions. While the gun, that is nothing short of excellent for a medium, performs effectively in any given situation, be it from its alpha or shooting at a vulnerable enemy.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: TL-1 LPC – American Tier VIII Premium

  1. At this point, I’m wondering why WG didn’t add an actual T95 MT (that’s not just a turret swapping version) into the game yet.

  2. These days its more profitable for them to release frankentanks. Its no secret the game is on the decline so they have to get every bit of mileage they can from the ***ets they create.

  3. It looks a lot like the Merkava prototype (the Patton turret version obviously not he cent turret). I ***ume this is the replacement for the M46KR removal but it would be fantastic if this was a dupe like the Tiger II H coming to the game as the Tiger II C. I would be really interested in an Israeli tech tree.

  4. Patton KR removal? Now that would be nice. Just looking at it you have to wonder if WG realise they already have things like the pershing, patton kr and t25 pilot in the game already. This looks like a flat out upgrade in armor, gun and mobility. #balanz

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