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Tiger Day VII 2017

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Hello everyone,

I’m back from the Tank Museum after another great event, Tiger Day VII. This year there will be two Tiger Day events, one was yesterday and the next one will be in September 16th. If you want to see Tiger 131 running on the arena, it’s your only chance to do it because this year Tiger 131 won’t be running the arena during Tankfest.

Tiger Day is a smaller event than Tankfest, it’s a day that is exclusively dedicated to the Tiger tank, if you enjoy history and want to learn more about this unique vehicle from Bovington Tank Museum, then it’s a day you need to go at least once.

This year was even more crowded than last year, the event was sold out and there was the new Tiger Collection exhibition sponsored by World of Tanks.

Because this year I went there with my wife and daughter, I’ve decided that it would more of a family day, so I just took a few pictures and enjoyed the day.

Tiger Day VII Pictures

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  1. They already had the JT for a long time, though I see it’s repainted now, it was just in grey previously. The Elefant was sent over from Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the sake of the Tiger exhibition.

    That Porsche turret King Tiger was a partial mock up prototype, with substitute armour and no engine. It’s also been repainted and had the mantlet fixed.

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