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Tiger 131 – German Premium Heavy – In Game Pictures

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Hello everyone,

A few pictures of Tiger 131 in World of Tanks. For those who aren’t aware, Tiger 131 is an upcoming Tier VI German Premium Heavy Tank. Me personally I’m really looking forward for it to come to the game, I’ve seen this beast several times at the Tank Museum and it’s a must have for any collector.

Tiger 131

15,466 thoughts on “Tiger 131 – German Premium Heavy – In Game Pictures

  1. dont get it – what cartoon is this tank from?!

  2. This tank is from the famous cartoon called WW 2,look it up,its a good cartoon.

  3. “upcoming”

    But it’s already on console, and has been for a long time?

  4. I hope some of the sales are donated to the museum.

  5. Its basically a ht no IV with dunkelgelb and 131 marking lm its turret -_-

  6. Actually it’s the first iteration of the tier 6 tiger 1 from some years go on which the ht no 6 was built. The tier 6 tiger has been in the game files for a long time. They finally decided what to do with it.

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