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Thaine Lynman and Milos Jerabe Talk about World of Tanks

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15,466 thoughts on “Thaine Lynman and Milos Jerabe Talk about World of Tanks

  1. “Hey guys from now on we will tell you why these tanks are OP no need to watch reviews anymore and premium shells are fine as they are because everyone can buy them.”

    Of course the statistics could say that the Defender and the Chrysler are not overperforming when CCs say they are OP and everyone and their mother are buying it no matter how good players they are.

    Also I would like to see that TVP vs Defender match

  2. The defender/252u is op even if a player sucks and drives a 252u it will still come up at top with others even if it’s in a open map it can’t compensate for it’s opness

  3. “Hey, there’s a elephant in the room, and his name is Bob. Bob’s a good guy, and let’s just let him do his thing. But most importantly, we think you should get to know Bob and understand how he operates. Thanks for listening to two chill dudes talk about Bob the elephant. See you on the battlefield!”

  4. what a trash video, i feel sorry for those 2 guys trying to defend crappy decisions from their bosses…

    was hoping to listen that they plan to remove or rework the premium ammo…

  5. Ffs this was waste of time to watch. Next compaign with t8 tanks will be dominated by Defenders and they will be winning in most of the cases. Not P2W a?

  6. I get really sick of their continuing lying… *puke*

  7. And these two are EXACTLY WGs problem.
    Ignorant or incompetent people pretending to know their game,talking lies and BS .

  8. I am performing equally well in the 112 as I am with the defender. They are both superbly armored, can both pen the others lower plate. They both have similar troll guns when sniping. Both have reasonable mobility. The 112 sidescrapes better. The 112 is a better facehugger against tier9 HT’s

    If you want a tech tree tank to counter the defender you can buy the 112

  9. You said that you can p*** developers some questions from players, right Harkonnen?

    I’m interested in personal missions, will they change some of them in next patch like, for instance, “MT-7 A Surprise blow” for Obj. 260: destroy at least 3 enemy SPG?
    Because it is nearly impossible to see 3 SPG in enemy team after re-balancing arty, let alone to destroy all of them by yourself!

    All missions concerning destroying couple of arty’s are now pure lottery…

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