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Tanking for the Troops Charity Stream

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This weekend, the 21st and 22nd of July, be sure to join World of Tank fans for the 2017 edition of Tanking for the Troops. A 36-hour charity stream to raise funds and awareness for Veterans, Active Duty and their Families through Operation Supply Drop.

Things kick of at noon on the 21st and run to midnight Pacific Time on the 22nd. Join us along with the amazing “Salt-Free Unicom” Trobsmonkey, the one and only Ritagamer, the indomitable JunkersHiryu, the “Queen of the Maus” Sofilein, Sirpete1uk, TCfreer, Lambo805, and many, many more for fun, prizes, and a chance to support and stand with those who stand for us. This event marks just under 2 years since Tanking for the Troops first arrived on the scene.

Starts around 8:00 PM UTC+1, for everyone that wants to join in from Europe, or 03:00 AM UTC+8 for all of you from Asia.

OSD supports troops and veterans ranging from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, ANZAC, NATO, and others. Today’s Operation Supply Drop is a direct reflection of listening to those we serve. Tens of thousands of our active-duty members are receiving care packages courtesy of our generous gaming partners while we develop substantial programming to work with veterans during their transition home. Our programs address Mental Health, Homelessness, and Employment for Veterans and their families accompanied by a global structure encouraging community service and commitment towards one another.


So, join us as we celebrate just under 2 years since Tanking for the Troops came onto the scene, and be sure to tune in OSD Tanking for the Troops Twitch Channel on Noon Pacific July 21st. Not only for a chance to win gold, premium time, and tanks but to learn more about how you can support our veterans, active duty and their families.

Donate to Tanking for Troops 2017