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Tankfest 2019: Join me & see the Jagdpanther 411 inside!

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The world’s biggest armour display is here for yet another edition: Tankfest 2019. Don’t miss the chance of seeing a great selection of the Tank Museum collection, a huge list of guest vehicles and meet your favourite Community Contributors.&

You can expect special guests, such as myselfAwesomeEpicGuys, LemmingRush, Circon, Dakillzor, SwedishLadyC, Orzanel, Mailand, ALGO_24, Kreilo_, Mootality, QuickyBaby, Bin4r_D3vil and Papapawian!

But that’s not all, an exceptional guest vehicle will be at Tankfest together with the Panther from Saumur Armoured Museum, the one and only Jagdpanther 411 from the Weald Foundation. The Weald Foundation will be at Tankfest featuring the Jagdpanther 411 but also one of their latest projects, a Zundapp KS 750, recently restored to prestige condition.

But that’s not all; the Weald Foundation will also be having an exclusive offer at Tankfest 2019. For all new members who sign up during the event, they will get a reduced Membership Discount for as long as they are members, see inside the Jagdpanther 411 and you can also take a photo in the Zindapp KS 750. You will also receive an exclusive poster of the Jagpanther.

Of course, that isn’t all, see the Panther on the move for the first time ever at Tankfest, Valentine DD, Churchill Mark III, Stug III, Centurion, Chaffee, Cheetah PRTL, Sherman Firefly, two T-34-85, a Type 95 HA-GO and much more!

My meeting point will be at the Jagdpanther 411, if you would like to come for a talk, I’ll see you there!

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