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Tankfest 2017: Stage Plan, Meet & Greets, Contests, and More!

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Tankfest 2017 is fast approaching, a few more days left before the biggest tank event in the World is back! Wargaming is going to be present as its usual and there will be a full schedule with activities: Developer Panels, Community Contributor Interviews, Meet and Greets, Contest and a lot more.

If you want to meet up with me, you will be able to find me around Wargaming booth, and I will be at the Contributor Meet & Greet on Sunday, with Circonflexes and other friends. But do feel free to come and talk with me if you see me walking around the event.

I’m also going to be on the main stage, on Sunday, during the World of Tanks Panel. Community Contributors are going to do a panel with World of Tanks Developers, meaning we will try to get the best information out of them. Got a question you would like me to ask, then do send them via email or leave them in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Tankfest 2017: Stage Plan, Meet & Greets, Contests, and More!

  1. The question that’s the most interesting would be when are they gonna balance out the gold ammo it seems that this question never appears in the Q&A’s as it’s a bit of a taboo for wargaming and I don’t that we would an answer now but still I do hope that someone at least tries to ask them this because currently playing a have tank or any other tank that has armor is near impossible work everyone spamming gold at you, I have no problem work gold ammo being in the game but it has to have some drawbacks.

  2. I already got a few questions lined up about Gold Ammo 😉 Let’s see, this is not the only Dev Panel we CC’s are going to have, so plenty of opportunity to discuss and ask 😀

  3. Well if this question will be actually discussed and wargaming decide they will do something I think most of the community would be happy, I know I would 😀 and a big respect for you 🙂

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