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T26E5 Patriot – Available on NA Server

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Hello everyone,

The Patriot has arrived to save the day… And his normal brother who doesn’t like paint jobs. Seems Wargaming has listened to the Community and made both versions available. Now you can roll out in style or just normally with a very decent Premium tank.

T26E5 Patriot Ultimate – $79.99

T26E5 Patriot Loaded – $59.99

T26E5 Ultimate – $79.99

T26E5 Loaded – $59.99

T26E5 – $43.99


15,466 thoughts on “T26E5 Patriot – Available on NA Server

  1. I will add my two cents worth of thought on WOT. One I think this tank to be a better than average premium. With the latest BAN on mod usage I am not certain wether I will spend another dime on this game.Here is why I like some of the mods that are out there to use, if I am useing one that gets dinged as illeagal Bam. That being said it is available for a long period of time. I will wait and see how this banning for mod usage is handled. Thanks Harkonnen for all the latest info on the game.

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