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T25 Pilot Mission – Day 9

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Hello everyone,

T25 Pilot Day 9 Mission is:

  • Conditions:
    • Place as the top damage dealer on your team.
  • Reward:
    • 50,000 Credits
    • 1 Large Repair Kit
    • 1 Daily Mission Token

15,466 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Mission – Day 9

  1. Something of a palate-cleanser there! It wasn’t even THAT unreasonable of a mission yesterday except for the state that MM is currently in. Good for those of you who are really good at this game or who lucked into a sweet spot.

  2. Yesterday’s was at tier 4 B2 and Valentine 2 madness…. Today’s mission seems… easy? Especially if you have a wide selection of tanks to choose an appropriate tank. Generally I’m liking this marathon compared to previous ones, this one is doable with 1-2 hours a day playing.

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